Harddrive Kaput

So the machine with heatfailure that fried the mother board got rebuilt. Kept the old drive as the d drive. Well it started getting errors. Then today, it would not even get through chkdsk. Went out and bought a new drive, and tried to copy files over, but it crashes out or hangs on certain files.

So I thought, go into XP repair, drop down to dos, chkdsk it there. It got to 3% in 4 hours and hung there for another 4 and I heard nothing off the drive. Trying to run chkdsk /F in windows and say to dismount the drive causes it throw up errors and just drop out around the 2% or 3% mark.

So fine. There is some corrupt data on the drive. No biggie, mostly music and movies. But for the life of me, I cannot get it to mark the bad sectors and move on so I can just copy the drive to my new drive. Any ideas?

It is a seagate, but all the seagate utilities do is say - yeah bad drive. They won’t fix it.



Look into a data recovery service?

Hey, hey, its not like its porn! I just don’t feel like ripping my CDs again. I have found the painstaking, copy until it fails, skip that file, then copy some more works, kinda. There has to be a better way.

The long breaks did let me catch Femme Fatale on HBO. Which is both the best movie ever, and the worst. It is the worst if the sound is on.


There are data recovery programs out there if you do a quick search. I think most you have to buy to get a working version. The ones I looked at had a demo that could show lost files, but would not allow recovery until you paid up.

You could always try the older freezer trick, though that only tends to work if the mechanical parts are broken and not if the platter itself is kaput.

The new one, the TV one, or the old one?

Or the really old one?

The one where stamos shows off her assets.

By the way, did the ugly copy until a file fails and move on. Finished it. Switch drive letters. Rebooted. Everything works - but the failing drive will not even spin up now, entirely dead.

So I was like an action hero saving a woman at the last second from certain death, but without the woman, the action and lots more music files.


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