HardOCP sued by Infinium

per Slashdot

They have now changed the quote at the top of their site: “The truth will set you free or get you sued.” :)

Kyle did have a rebuttal on his front page earlier today, but it looks like it’s gone now. But this article was published last September, so why the delay to fire off nasty legal threats?

The response still looks like its there to me:

[i]I have extended HardOCP.com’s pledge to correct any and all possible inconsistencies or errors in our editorial entitled “Behind the Phantom Console” personally to Timothy Roberts and Kevin Bachus of Infinium Labs and they have yet to inform HardOCP.com of any information we presented as being not correct. This courtesy was extended on September 17, 2003, the date the article was published and has been extended several times since then with no reply ever being received by HardOCP.com. It is my opinion that Infinium Labs’ only interest is stifling HardOCP.com and our opinions. HardOCP.com still stands by our thoughts and opinions put forth in our editorial and no amount of legal badgering and frivolous lawsuits will change those opinions that we have shared with our readers.

Kyle Bennett
Editor-in-Chief @ HardOCP.com[/i]

And with this, I christen Infinium Labs the Oscar Wilde of the game industry.

Even if the wit is unintentional.

no one has been sued. it’s just a cease and desist letter.

it’s a phantom lawsuit. haha. get it? get it?

…in that a young college student is sodomizing them?


So this is what that former Xbox guy Bachus has brought to the table for them. “I’ll show you guys how to sue people, I got alot of experience in lawsuits at Microsoft”… :roll: