Haunted Chocolatier (from ConcernedApe, Stardew Valley dev)

So the Harry Potter magic sequel game is bad? And this one is good? Sorry don’t know the background.

Anyway, SV was pretty awesome, so this will probably be awesome as well!


whoa, why the negativity towards Chucklefish?

They are also shitty to deal with as press as well

Gotta say, I’m disappointed that combat seems like part of the core loop on this one. Go to colorful fantasy land > Beat up birds and bugs > Make chocolate (with bird and bug parts?) > Give chocolate to people for smooches

Well, it does appear that way from the teaser, but he did say in the blog post that it’s very early in development, so I’m going to remain optimistic that it will end up more complex than just that. Hopefully he’ll provide occasional updates!

Oh yeah! Looking forward to this one!

Wow that looks… like a mod for Stardew Valley? I guess he still has the rights to SV, not Chucklefish? I mean it looks like the same code.

Shhh… don’t give Chucklefish ideas

Is there an obligation to start a new codebase for a new game?

No! I just kind of slightly hoped for a bit more variety.

My understanding is that Chucklefish helped with distribution, localization, and console ports. Ape owns all the rights to everything.

I think this is correct. And if I recall correctly (and if I’m not, someone can correct me) SDV was originally released only on Steam, which is the version I have. And nowhere in my version is Chucklefish even credited, since Ape wouldn’t have needed help publishing to Steam.

The whole thing of owning a shop and beating monsters to collect ingredients makes me think of one of my favorite games, Recettear:

Now, if this game manages to be a mix of Recettear and Stardew Valley, then it will be a fantastic game.

Recettear is one of those games that’s been in my backlog forever. I really should get to it, it sounds extremely my jam and it’s been recommended ad nauseum.

I’m not sure how well it aged, though - at least on the technical side - so that’s one more reason for me to hope that Haunted Chocolatier provides a similar experience. ;)

I feel the same way. Hopefully reconsiders.

Good point recotear was amazing

It also gives me Moonlighter vibes. (Which if you liked Recettear, you might enjoy Moonlighter too.)

Yup. I’ve never found a shop managing game that does it quite like Recettear did. And I’ve been looking. I do wonder how well it has aged as I probably haven’t dipped into it in years.