HDTV thread #80Billion: Bedroom TV

I’m looking for a smaller HDTV for the bedroom - something in the 21" - 27" range. Requirements are it must support at least 720p (for 360 and HD Cable). So far, the best thing I’ve found is:

Westinghouse LTV-27w6 27"

Anyone have any other suggestions for me, or any experience with that model?

I think that’s the one I have in my bedroom. Mine doesn’t have a built-in tuner, though, so if that’s the same one, keep in mind that you’ll have to have a cable box or something like that to receive channels.

I like it.

Amazon has a 26" Sylvania for $200 in their latest vote promo – if you’re lucky enough to get selected in the vote lottery, that is.

Hey, at least we’re getting a vote lottery rather than a “write a text HTTP parser” lottery. I like that method infinitely better.

Yeah I have Comcast so I have to use the cable box, so that’s not much of a downside. I believe this model does have a tuner though (as one of the reviews on amazon indicates something along those lines).

Also, thanks for the heads up Andrew. That model isn’t exactly what I want, but saving $450 is even better than having exactly what I want.

I voted in the lottery, and if I win it, Guido, you can buy it off me for whatever the total cost is. :)

If you don’t win it, though, I’d consider a 32". We found that to be the perfect size for bedroom viewing. 27" seems like it’d be a bit small to get any real benefit from HD.

Best Buy has a 32" Westinghouse 720p LCD TV on sale this week for $700 (in-store only). If you’re a RZ member, I believe they have another 12% off coupon this weekend, which would make it $616 + tax.

Heh thanks Denny :)

As for 27 vs 32, space is a consideration here (per the wife), so I don’t have much choice on the matter. I’d rather buy myself one of the 1080p Plasmas and move our existing 42" plasma to the bedroom, but that didn’t fly.

Well, no luck on the Amazon deal, so unless Denny got it I’m getting that Westinghouse.

Nope, didn’t win.

Holding out hope for that big Foreman grill for next week, though!

Hahaha good luck :)