Hearts of Iron 3

Which is just plain crazy when Joe Pirate can just get his patches from the game launcher after he installs the game since there’s no actual check that you’re running a registered copy, just an obfuscated link.

Yeah, plus you’re dependent on forum access to download patches and the volunteer moderators are pretty banstick happy. Not a good combination.

ANYWAY! Enough kvetching. I played a brief 1.2 game session as Germany over lunch and I can report it’s pretty awesome. Nice speed improvements (in an hour’s time went from 1/36 to 1/38), auto-slider features work well (Germany kept itself supplied with every resource through aggressively trading with the US), and nothing seemed to be too untoward, though the Allies did get Belgium to join. I’ll have to start a game as the Sovs this weekend at home since the patch notes say their supply problems got tweaked.


Updating to 1.2 broke my map. It now looks like the one in the Republican Spain AAR with province borders all messed up. I’m hoping a full reinstall will fix this. Fortunately Impulse is fast, cause the 1.2 update download sure wasn’t…

The update also messes with the map mod linked earlier in this thread. A few Russian cities are messed up again. From what the modder has already posted, it appears he plans no changes to incorporate what Paradox changed in this update. So that would necessitate reinstalling the mod to fix what has been broken in the map files.

My map looks good. I cant vouch for the position of stalingrad. Ran quick and smooth.
I played three years from 1936 on up as the USA just to watch how the world rolls. Japan had a tough time out in china, but didnt get kicked out right away like they used to be in 1.1. I cant wait to see how it goes when the nazis tear into uncle joe. and to see if the italians still manage to roll up most of france. The republicans won spain btw.

How the hell I put a reserve unit into normal state?

The little graphic on the right of the reserve unit will always be there, but once the unit has built up to 3000 it will function normally.

The gigantic MOBILIZE button on your policy screen.

Bah beaten.

Played a game as Germany this evening until mid-1940. This time Netherlands, Belgium, and SWITZERLAND all joined the Allies pre-war. I’m thinking the neutrality system needs some work.

In 1.1c I played as England right up until Germany surrendered and neither Belgium or the Netherlands would ever join the Allies. Germany never would attack them and they just sat there doing nothing.

How active were you in using the intelligence system to keep them neutral? The game seems to place a high value on forcing the player to be active in that area unless you are playing a generally neutral power.

A more true look at where the game is at in that regard would be to play as the US or Soviets or a small power and see if the AI Germany and AI UK are active in manipulating other powers and how successful they are. The patch notes suggest some tweaking was done to make sure they did more counter-actions to limit the quick moves by some countries into the alliances.

MY current vanilla 1.2 the US never joined the war ie. Pat Buchanon’s dream come true. So now Britain is a puppet of Germany as is the rest of Europe, and Japan rules all of Asia (but never joined the Axis). Without U.S. support the Allies were doomed.

Regardless its still certainly better than getting everyone to join the allies by 1939.


I’m making some changes to see if I can alter Canada, New Zealand and the USA’s entry (or non-entry) into the Allies. I’m also cooking up something pretty cool for an alternate history of WW2 where the Axis/Allies understand the threat Communism poses to the world early on :)

Early 1938 in a USSR game starting of course in '36. Took a lot longer than 2 hours on my old 2-core AMD.

The big thing is the USSR has enough ICs to live now. If you switch to heavy industry focus, your economy is effectively destroyed, sadly, but oddly enough, with consumer focus, despite the penalties, you actually wind up with more IC for production because the need for consumer goods drops so precipitously. Clearly there is still something fucked up with the economic formulas.

Various things improved, but there is mysterious UI lag on switching screens – the game is effectively paused as the game is cranking just trying to manage the UI. The unit pane expansion + appears in the window until the UI manages to unpause itself, even if when switching from say technology to production. Weird.

Apart from that there are some oddities in production management that are annoying but not deadly.

With trade automated I wind up with a zillion trade treaties, most of which are inactive at any given moment. I still have 99999 energy anyway – maybe they gave the USSR too much? I have no idea what energy represents, anyway – certainly not electrical power, since a) it can’t be exported, and b) the USSR would not be the world leader anyway… I guess the zillion AI trade treaties is why my relation with Italy is up to 200 – can’t think of any other conceivable reason.

After 2 years, my neutrality is only down to 73. Yay. I am still hugely annoyed at the idea that I have to spend 100% of my security service time on this – to the vast detriment of my research since all the spies in the world somehow converge on my design laboratories to disrupt my research if I don’t toggle counterespionage. So to do research well, I really have to stay on counterespionage pretty much all the time. Since at the same time raising Estonia’s threat has only got it up to 10, this whole pattern of activity is clearly a complete waste of time.

There is literally nothing the game allows me to do militarily until, I guess, the Winter War. I haven’t moved a single unit or given a single military order in the 2 years of play. Sigh.

On the other hand I am researching mechanized infantry, and it looks like I am about up to the T-34 tank level.

In other words, following the Buchanan Doctrine?

Bah no. I’m more creative :)

The game still lags horribly for me after a while.

Quitting and relaunching fixes the lag for the most part but the second time it started lagging in less than an hour. The speed is starting to be acceptable if it could stay constant.

There’s still also the problem of how this lags is more like continuous hiccups. I can’t scroll, I can’t press buttons and the whole interface gets unresponsive.

Anyway, with the noneutrality cheat, playing as Italy, I conquered Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia. Then went for Yugoslavia and Albania. Then Bulgaria, Turkey and over till Persia. Then went up through Austria, Hungary till Poland. Only Poland held me back a little while. At that point I started to drift toward Russia while continuing up (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia).

Next step is to pile armies along the Axis/Germany (who’s alone). I have most of resources to 99999.

I guess it was a bit too easy and the noneutrality may break the design of the game.