Helldivers (Magicka x Starship Troopers)

So Game Informer recently went hands on with this and I have to say it looks great.
Friendly fire in a game like this seems like a recipe for chaos.

Looks cool.

Are those arrows dpad presses or analogue stick? I can’t imagine trying to do precision quick presses on the 360 pad without making mistakes. (Or: I’ll just use a keyboard ;))

Hopefully you can change your name in the game…

As of now it is a Sony platform exclusive, so PS4, PS3, and Vita. I assume they are dpad presses, which on the various Sony controllers are easy enough to do accurately.

This should release today! I’m actually quite excited about it, even if IT only Multiplayer, something I’m not convinced of. It looks very slick, and early reports are quite positive.

Sci fi, cooperative, procedural, Sony platform cross buy, tough as nails, friendly fire always on, progression, and twin stick shooter where service garuntees citizenship except where licensing doesn’t? Oh man. How come I haven’t heard of this till now. It looks like it’s going for $17 for plus members for the first week of release too. Is it too good to be true? Any opinions yet? Is it content starved? With a Magicka pedigree I am inclined to think it’s solid. Is it cross play?

I’d like to know more.*

*yeah, yeah, the book is considerably better than the movies and I feel bad referencing them, but hey, more folks know the campy than the gritty MI.

Yes, it’s cross play. And there are definitely single-player missions. The content is repetitive, because it’s largely a leveling grind. You’d have heard about it if you read the front page of this site. :)


Well then. It seems not only had it appeared on the front page, but I had indeed heard of it and SEEN IT THERE as my comments were in the comments section! Ugh. It was last year though so I have that helping my case against early onset Dementia. In fact what caught my attention then is along the lines of what is catching it now. The reload mechanic accounts for rounds in the chamber for reloading speed along with not having magic bullets that magically transport to new magazines when you dump a clip. Such a cool mechanic potentially adds tension, decisions about when to reload, and is a heck of a thing to find in a coop twin stick shooter. Plus it’s “realistic” if that can even be applied to a futuristic alien shooter game with respawning.

Anyway, I guess the question is if the repetitiveness is good or bad. Diablo can be darn repetitive, but I keep coming back for more. A lot of rogue likes are repetitive in a good way. However there are plenty of examples below that that show repetition is not a good thing. Is it procedural awesome that generates buddy war stories, or is it just repetitive?

Where is the 2015, not released in summer, but now retail update Tom? I saw you playin’ it the other night…

I can’t say yet if the repetitiveness is an issue – I just started playing yesterday – but I am pretty sure you’d like it, Rob.


It’s 2015. Can’t people just release PC ports of all cool games? :(

Hey Tom, are you playing online or offline? This tempts me on the Vita, but I’d be playing 90% offline…

Any idea if there’ll be a demo for this first?

Just offline so far, since there was no one online yesterday. But I’ll definitely be jumping online today. The potential problem is that – like Magicka – this is a very, um, friendly fire sensitive game. I can imagine going online and running into a bunch of tools just shooting their teammates and fragging them with grenades, not necessarily out of malice, but because they don’t know any better. The brief tutorial doesn’t really touch on that aspect of the game.

As for playing it offline on the Vita, that’s certainly one way to go. The single-player planet list seems generous enough. But again, like Magicka, it was designed as a team-based game.

Rowe, no demo that I know of.


Online tool volunteering for service. Soon as I’m home, I’ll be on the bounce.

So it’s the new Alien Swarm?

Hmm. Tempting.

Is it any way a loot fest like D3? Intriguing but I have games just sitting there unplayed as it is…ugh!

Sigh, if this was more single player focused I’d likely be all over it. Ah well.

Nope, no loot. You can collect “salvage”, though, which are just randomized hotpoints on the map. Ten salvage gives you a skill point. Otherwise, you get a skill point every time you level up.


I managed to get squashed by the extraction shuttle in the tutorial.

I might not be prime Helldiver material.

Ah thanks! Will check it out when the kids go down and see if it works for me.

Yeah, you don’t want to stand that close to the beacon. Not that I did that myself. Of course not. But I can understand how it might happen to someone else. Who totally isn’t me.