Hellraiser: What's Inside the Box? Hope it isn't Boredom

Trailer if you are so inclined. Coming to Hulu.

David Bruckner is directing, which is something I guess? The movie seems to be featuring one person I have ever heard of (Goran Visnjic).

I’ll keep my expectations nonexistent.

It’s a weird IP. The first one was novel and of its time, it pretty quickly descended into Clive Barker cheeseweird. I wonder if there’s still an overall appetite for the whole universe?

And it’s worth remembering that the cenobites actually don’t feature that prominently in the first movie. The principle villain and antagonist is Frank. It is better for this. The cenobites are just an additional, and supremely fucking weird, threat to Kirsty (and delightfully, Frank).

They’re the main attraction in every movie thereafter. Even the characters in later movies that sort of ape frank (like club owner bro in 3) or the other villains that pop up (like doc weirdo in 2), or the random “what is this bullshit” characters in say Judgement all take a back seat to the cenobites. Also, the attempts to expand on the lore are certainly uneven, and that’s even before you get to all of the random “what is this bullshit” in Judgement. I suppose that’s arguably true of Barker’s attempts to expand the lore as well.

If you’re the mocking subject of a Rick and Morty episode, chances are you are both memorable and laughable. Good leather duds though.

First a She-Hulk and now a She-Pinhead?? Will the woke left ever stop?

This looks cool I’ll watch it.