Help Choosing a Pre-built Gaming PC Please


That CPU’s about a third faster single threaded right? So seems that that should set the upper bound.


If it makes you feel any better, TWH2 isn’t super fast on my new PC either.


My PC had a saggy video card, and it broke the PCI slot and mobo.


Wait, you have like the most monster PC possible, right? (Short of having super secret equipment only available to the Pentagon or NSA or something.)

I think that is my biggest question - trying to figure out if there is something suboptimal about mine that could be fixed with different parts or a different computer (without paying another $1,000 or something), or if this is just TWH2, and it’s just going to be slow on everything.

Like I had been considering building my own with a 9700k. But through PC Parts Picker, I can’t do it without spending another $350 over my pre-built, and I’d rather not do it if it is not going to make a real difference.

But if it would make a material difference for something like TWH2, I’d probably do it.

Sounds like from your experience, Brian, that it might just be that game. :(


Pretty sure JPinard said he was overclocking to 5.1 GHz to try and squeeze more out of games like that. Give him a shout.


It’s probably hopeless due to game optimization. Do some Googling on Total Warhammer 60 fps.

The easiest solution is to get a GSync/FreeSync monitor and hopefully not notice it as much.


Yeah, I have the GSync monitor - admittedly, I was zoomed in pretty close, but that was the point. I was testing FPS. And it seems bizarre that on new, close to the top as you can reasonably expect equipment, the thing still chugs pretty badly.


Ever since Crysis I’ve found it odd that people think just because they have top of the line equipment that all games should run perfectly well.

Some games have settings that can’t be met by current hardware for future proofing. Developers almost have to remove them or call them something like “insane” so people don’t get upset. It’s a psychological thing.

Other games just aren’t well optimized or don’t scale well. TW is probably one of them due to its PC exclusivity and the nature of what it’s doing. I doubt next gen hardware will be much better.


Did some more research for you.

9900K gets you an extra 0.3 fps in the tactical battle at 1080p.


Wait what?!


Yeah, I think it’s just this particular game. Everything else runs like gangbusters.



Live forever in fear.

It was under warranty still, but it was a huge hassle.


Oh god. I really hope that the motherboard – which specifically mentioned strengthened slots for this reason, and is one of the reasons I bought it – fares okay.


My new band name.

Also, probably a good idea, I doubt my mobo had those.


Picked this case when I built my new system. Not out of concern for card sag, but I suppose that’s a nice side benefit. Access to the “downstairs” part of the case can be tough if you have big hands, though.


Yeah, they mentioned it specifically:


That’s more like it. What’s the airflow supposed to be in there? Out the top, in from various places?


I just built a new rig a couple weeks ago. I7-9700K overclocked to 5ghz, RTX2080.

I get about 65 fps with everything on Ultra EXCEPT Anti-Aliasing. If I crank that up it drops to like 28 fps so I have that on FXAA - may want to play around with that.

Edit: Running at 3440x1440. Oh, and this is DirectX 11, 12 just kills the frames too.


Two fans behind the upper front grille (where I installed the 2-fan water cooler) drive the flow, with one fan in the back. Also slotted sides, wire mesh grille over 60% or so of the top. I figured if I was going to overclock, I should let it breathe as much as possible.


My current case has positive pressure (3x180mm input fans) with only one output fan plus the psu. I love that, because it doesn’t get dusty inside at all.