Help me identify this guitar

Spoiler: it’s a Kramer Pacer. Ok, but, like when and where was it made and stuff?

First of all I’m a casual guitar player who hasn’t played in years. This guitar has just been collecting dust in a closet. I bought it in, I believe, 2011 from a guy who was then my neighbor. It had been sitting in his closet for who knows how many years. I’m not sure he even knew how it got there. It didn’t have strings on it and he, a non-guitar player, basically thought it was junk. He thought the case was nice though, so he sold that to me for $40, and threw in the guitar for free. I put strings on it, put a 9 volt battery in it for the active pickups, and it seemed to work fine. That’s basically where the story ended until now.

I guess my biggest question is whether or not this is American-made. And I’m curious if the EMG active pickups would have come stock, or if they were installed later. And if this thing is worth anything. I at least know it’s worth more than $40.

Floyd Rose bridge and EMG pickups

I guess it’s a Pacer!

My dad would approve of the Dead bear; I do not. Seems strange for a metal(?) guitar.

“E 1979” Is this a serial number? Was this guitar made in Neptune, NJ or is that just the Kramer HQ?

Whoa! I had never noticed that the tuners said “Made in W. Germany”. Wild.

Any help would be appreciated.

Based on the tuners being Schaller, West Germany, they match the style from the 1986 Kramer Pacer.

I am not a guitarist, but looking at things it appears to match a lot of the features of an 86-87 Pacer. Though if parts were replaced it gets harder.

But the tuners are very definitely late 80’s Schaller.

Maybe the Kramer company was “established” in 1979?

Here is a Candy Red 86 Kramer Pacer that has the same type plate as the one you posted.

The battery on the EMGs is likely dead. You are also missing the locking portion of the nut.

All signs do seem to point to it being an '86/'87.

I found this at :

Keep in mind that just because the neckplate is imprinted with “Kramer, Neptune, NJ” does NOT mean that the guitar was Made in the USA or an “American” series. Kramer was very careful to not stamp “Made In USA” anywhere on its neckplates starting in about 1985/1986.

Starting in late 1985, virtually all Kramer guitars were being made by ESP Guitars in Japan. Although the “American” Series guitars were made by ESP in Japan, they were assembled in the US. In general, the following is a good way to determine if your Kramer is USA made or an “American” series:

If your guitar has a pointy headstock and a block style Kramer logo in the same sized lettering in all caps, it is a 1986/1987 American Series Kramer Guitar.

I believe my guitar’s headstock falls into the above category, so I guess it’s American-assembled, but not American-made.

I haven’t tried to play it because I no longer have an amp, but yes, the battery is probably dead. It’s easy enough to replace though.

Sorry, I’m not sure what this means. I do have the tremolo bar for the bridge if that’s it…? I know I am missing the thingamajigs that go over the strings where the neck meets the head.

Those things are the locks that are missing and that section is indeed the nut.

Floyd style bridges use them for tuning stability. I’m sure you can measure and find some that’ll fit.

Seems similar.

You need those locks to use the Floyd Rose as it holds the strings in place for the tremolo bridge to pull against. Without them you will just pull your strings out of tune. You should be able to get replacements without too much effort.

The only worry I have is if they made a slight change to the dimensions it could be hard to find one.