Help me identify this (probably bad) horror movie

I’m pretty sure I saw the trailer in the last 6 months so it’s a recent movie, although it might be straight to DVD. I’ve looked all over but since I can’t remember the name it’s been impossible to find.

This group of 20 somethings, maybe 30 somethings as well, are all candidates for some kind of job. They are led to this classroom where they are told they will be given a test of some kind. There’s an armed guard at the door and I’m pretty sure they are told if they try to leave the room before the test is over they will be shot. The guy leaves and the test begins. They turn over the test paper in front of them and it’s blank. So they have to figure out what’s going on and what the test really is. It kinda reminded me of the Saw franchise aesthetically.

I remember really liking the trailer and I’d like to track this down. Thanks in advance.


Yep, that’s it! Thanks.

Did you end up enjoying it? This thread made me give it a go, and I feel it was a waste of a movie. The premise wasn’t that bad as it provided a battle royale kind of set up where a bunch of different characters each compete for one spot by the end of the movie.

Going in I thought the movie could have gone in two different directions: become a horror movie where some of the characters do some horrible things to be the last man standing, or a psychological exploration of human behaviour in stressful situations. It turned out to be neither; the most gruesome thing that occurred was a paper cut, most of the movie was various characters trying to problem solve, and the twists/revelations were dull (especially the ending).

Slight thread stealing here :p

There was a horror movie I saw in the late 80’s on USA UP ALL NIGHT (with Gilbert or Rhonda), it was a slasher type movie where some crazy guy killed cheerleaders in a highschool / college setting, and left their bodies head first in the bathroom toilets. ( I am not kidding).

Perhaps the collective knowledge base of not so great movies that QT3 members have experienced will finally answer this 2 decade long question. I’ll be damned if I remember the title of this poor quality B film.

A shot in the dark after a search I wish I hadn’t done would be The House of Sorority Row.

Nope, the plot summary mentioned “The story begins in 1961 with a doctor arriving at a foreboding house on a dark and stormy night.”

The movie I remember took place in the 80’s time frame, as it was in a school or college of sorts.

Was it played for a joke? I was thinking Student Bodies.

I don’t believe so, as I do not recall a rubber chicken in it…

I found this on wikipedia and have been going through the list, but some don’t have descriptions…

The Breather: Click.

Ms. Van Dyke: Did you hang up?

The Breather: No, I just said “click”.

I’ll tell you later this month. It doesn’t come out on Netflix til the 16th and it’s in my queue.

Read on:

Cheerleader Camp was the first movie that seemed likely but it takes place at a remote camp, not at a school. House on Sorority Row probably isn’t it, either, as it didn’t have bodies left in the toilet head first but instead heads left in the toilet. Student Bodies takes place at a Texas high school and tries for a satire/Airplane! take on the genre, although its much more darkly humorous rather than out-and-out funny.

This is up on Netflix streaming now if anyone cares.

Well shit, I forgot all about this thread. I didn’t get to watch the movie till like last week anyway because I just got done moving and had packed the netflix discs.

I disagree. I wanted more problem solving because that’s what interested me in the first place. To me it was an interesting premise in search of a better movie. There was just a lot of standing around discussing why they are there and what the job means to them. Not near enough figuring stuff out for my tastes.

And the end didn’t seem earned to me. I wanted them to either work together to figure out the solution or make it so it’s really obvious if you think about it. What they did was really hard for me to believe some one could figure out on their own. Especially after all that happened to them in the room.

Exam is one of those movies that could have been incredibly awesome. I had two problems though: One, there is no real motivation. Movies like this(Battle Royale types) HAVE to establish the momentum early. It has to be an obvious full court press from the word go. This movie has the most vague reason for character motivation possible, basically to get a job. Jebus! At least set it in a future time where if you don’t get one of the last remaining jobs you starve to death(ie 2013).

Also, this kind of thing works best IF the elements introduced early on are all tied cleverly together at the end. Not to spoil anything, but this doesn’t happen. At the end we see the ‘clues’ really have no bearing on anything, the clues could have been changed into other things without needing to change the story.

edit: I really miss seeing Rhonda say “UP all night”.