Help Me Understand Xbox 360 DLC DRM

Ok, so if GH3 DLC works the same as most other DLC, then I have a different explanation why it won’t work for wumpus. And it’s supplied by Evilidler:

Somebody at wumpus’ work place has swapped their 360 for the one at work, but not the hard drive. That means it has the same content, but the 360 that all the content was tied to is at someone’s house. And wherever it is, they can just download that content again (GH3, Rock Band, and more) on their own Hard Drive, and have it all work for them.

Meanwhile back at wumpus’ workplace, the 360 is not the one that all the content was purchased on, so it only works when whoever bought the content originally is logged in.

(On a related note, regarding the confusion above: The key thing to remember that people seem to keep forgetting is that the hard drive is just like a memory card. Whether you’re transferring content from one box to the other via a memory card or a hard drive doesn’t matter, it’s the same thing.)

Oh, somebody already made the switcheroo. Bastards. Well, I’m still in the official
DRM hate club, and would like to see MS make it easier to transfer your content.
While bitching about stupid things MS did, I want to bitch about how hard it is for me
to remove a credit card from Live. The page which is supposed to tell me where to
call (CALL? IN THE INTERNET AGE?! FUCK YOU, MICROSOFT!) never loads. It’s also on
a secure page, which it seems MS have big problems with. Since I’m not in the US,
I’m pretty sure it’s not a 1-800 number.

At least the hardware might be more stable. Now please work on more quiet DVD drives.

I just re-purchased 11,240 MS points worth of GH2, GH3, and RB content. That’s $140.50 for those of you keeping score at home :( DRM rocks!!

And there’s no way in HELL I’m switching my quiet HDMI capable Falcon for the noisy-ass old model at work. I had mine set up at work to get the dashboard updates, and many Xbox 360 owners stopped by and they all remarked how much quieter it was than their (earlier) models.

The local account was a non-XBL one, but I just tried again with the ethernet unplugged and it still works; the local guest account can see and play all of the GH3 DLC, and not just the free stuff either.

After I created my new xbox live account, I was able to confirm that the copy of Rez I previously bought on my home 360 under the original account was still playable. So you’re right, this should work, as long as it is on the same physical machine it was purchased on.

Not sure what’s going on with the work 360, though, because GH3 DLC was absolutely not showing up for us.

Heheh, I’m telling you man. One of your co-workers switched it out. One of them is guilty! :)

Huh. Sony allows you to copy DLC to up to FIVE DIFFERENT PS3s. Compare with Microsoft’s… one. ONE!

That’s fucking incredible. Sony? Wow.

It’s not as incredible when you consider how remote the chance is of knowing 4 other people with PS3s. Zing!

How does that work in practice though? I remember a lot of hoopla over the Warhawk DRM (only playable by the PSN id that bought it, or something like that).

But, yeah, being able to transfer the content (and not just the account) from one 360 to another would be a huge improvement from the current sorry mess.

I was irritatated to find out that I can’t access my downloaded content on my backup box without being connected to the net. I am in the process of setting up a Rock Band night at our local bar and will probably have to cancel since they don’t have an available internet connection and I don’t want to have to repurchase all the songs for both boxes.

Harkonis, your only option is to take your physical Xbox 360 (not the HDD, the entire box). That will work in the absence of an internet connection.

So here’s my question: Is there any way to have your profile on multiple 360s? In other words, if I get a second 360 for the basement, can I go down there and play games just like I’d play them upstairs or would I have to cart a stupid memory card around to do that?

A memory card is your best bet, or you’ll have to recover your gamertag each time you switch, which is an even bigger pain in the ass (they apparently run their profile download servers off of 300 baud modems).

To the OP, wumpus posted about this on his blog like 3 err… hours ago.

Oh wait.

Like Fugitive said, when you first start playing 360 games, “recovering your profile from Xbox Live” is a really easy way to do it. Just enter your Gamertag, email and password, and it recovers your profile by downloading it from the Xbox live servers. When I didn’t own a 360 of my own, this was really convenient. I’d go to one friend’s house and recover my profile there. Then I’d go to someone else’s place and recover it there. Then I’d leave Seattle to go on vacation and recover my profile in Milwaukee, then Chicago, then St. Louis, then Birmingham, then other places. I traveled a lot, and I always downloaded my profile.

It was also a comfort knowing that I can only have one active profile. Otherwise my nephew in Birmingham could log in as me and start spending my Microsoft points. If there’s one decision I absolutely love about the way they handled this situation, its the fact that you can only have one active profile anywhere.

Unfortunately, as I traveled and played more games, even though I got really fast at entering my Gamertag, email and password using their interface, my Xbox Live profile continued to grow, and take longer and longer.

Fugitive’s statement about them using slow servers to store Xbox Live profile information is no exaggeration. Once you’ve played more than about 12 games on the 360, the account recovery time starts getting long. And around 20 games or so, it starts getting unreasonable. I’ve played a lot more than that, so for me at this point, it’s pretty much impossible to use the recovery process. Storing it on a memory card is much more reasonable. Just pop it into the 360 you want to use, and voila, you’re set.

Wow, that is seriously lame. I think I just cancelled my plans to buy a second 360, because I know that in reality, I’d just leave the memory card in my main console and then never ever use the other one.

Plus saved games! If I could just put them on a network share or something, that’d be great, but obviously that won’t happen ever.

The DRM tool is now available.

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You may want to go back in time 11 years

Lol was worth a shot 🤷‍♂️ just recently came across my old 360 and found my classic rock pack so I been jamming

I miss DJ Hero

Yes it was a pretty great game for it’s time