Helstrom on Hulu. Anyone watch this?

Sorry if this is a dupe thread. I did a search for Helstrom and came up empty.

I just started watching this and its not bad. It is kind of a cross between Prodigal Son and Evil, taking the primary elements of both and mixing them together. Its not ground breaking in any way but it has been entertaining so far. If you like supernatural based shows founded in demonic mythology you will probably like this.

Interesting, it’s a Marvel property and I wasn’t even aware of it. Will check it out, thanks.

I had to look up where this can be found, so to save others the clicking…it’s a Hulu show.

Oops, yeah I probably should have mentioned that. Thanks for catching it and letting people know.

As in Son of Satan? I used to regularly read that book when I was a wee sprog.

Interested, but not enough so to spring for YASSS (Yet Another Streaming Service Subscription).

If they launch a Mister Miracle show, the two combined might though!

You can edit the thread title and include (Hulu) or something, if you want. :)

I enjoyed it. As rshetts said it’s not ground breaking, but it was great to watch in October. The twins are very striking looking.

The sister reminded me of one of the Sprockets from SNL