Here come the crusades!

Bush declares Islamic militants to be at war with humanity

Now we just need some Space Marines. And make Bush some kind of immortal President-in-a-tube.

For the glory of the Greater Democratic Co-prosperity Sphere!

Don’t worry! It’s all just a collective nightmare that will soon end… I hope.

You know of any asteroids or comets that are set to collide with Earth between now and the next couple of years or so?

Three more years… minimum… keep yer head down.

Actually, I think he made it quite clear that he was talking about extremist Muslims; you know, the kind that fly airplanes into buildings, blow up themselves at tourist resorts, cut people’s heads off and then post videos of that on the internet, etc.

If “being against” those people consitutes a “crusade”, then so be it, I say. “Crusade on!”

Of course, if Bush gave a speech against child molestation, many here would would bash him for it.

You all like the radical Muslims? Or shouldn’t we say that radical Muslims are the problem, because it might make them mad? I guess that’s what Kennedy thinks, don’t provoke them and maybe they’ll leave us alone, hey?

Get a grip, girls, they (the “rads”) would just love to cut your liberal fuzzy heads off while you are professing love for all mankind.

If they tried to cut my lovable head off, I’d treat them to hot lead. Sorry, I don’t fit fuzzy stereotypes…

Indeed. It’s also quite clear that he can’t tell the difference between extremist Muslims and the far more common ordinary Muslim. Frankly, I don’t think he really cares either. He’s not really against them per se, in the same way he’s not really against black people. He just doesn’t give a shit about them, unless they have something to give him.

Jasper, that’s not even worthy of a response, except to say that it’s not really worthy of a response.

Holy Shit.

Cindy, give me a break. Islamic militants don’t want to “wage a war against humanity.” That’s comic book rhetoric. What they want is to boot the west out of their countries and set up a unified Islamic theocracy. Also known as “kooky politics.”

He went on to accuse Syria and Iran of aiding the Iraqi insurgency, and said Washington did not distinguish between those who committed acts of terrorism and those who supported or harboured the perpetrators.

God, what a fucking coward. Yeah, they’re going to just quiver from the righteous might of your words, now that we don’t have much of an army to back them up with.