Here there be Tower Defense discussion


Here there be Tower Defense discussion

Sounds pirate. Are there any pirate tower/sea-fort/boat defence games?


There is one, but apparently it’s not that great.


Looks lame. I was hoping for your defensive area being the pirate ship and the invading swarms being krakens, skeletons and other pirates etc.


The real trick with Sang-Froid is being as economical as possible so that you can weather the tougher nights later on. There are so many cool systems at work in Sang-Froid that you can (and have to) be really creative with your resources. That’s one of my favourite things about it.

Depending on your playstyle (and what brother you choose), what kinds of traps you prefer, what gear you’ve invested in and perks you’ve unlocked: your approach will be different. There isn’t a single way of doing things. Saving bullets and draughts, factoring in your traversal and reload times, knowing how long your bonfires will last, exploiting the direction of the wind, knowing which traps to use where and when so that any left over time can be spent at the mill to get more coin for more supplies… it all matters. It’s brilliant. I particularly love it when you overlook a minor detail and your plan starts to slip but with a cool head you manage to just hang on and snag a victory. I mean, that’s the very definition of sangfroid.


There’s a space version of that on iOS — probably several — but I don’t know any literal versions.


I personally didn’t enjoy it too much.


It is a really cool game. Maybe I should go back to it and try to find an alternative approach as you suggest.


Thanks for this recommendation. It’s only $3.99 on the google play store as well. The tower defense genre is basically the only genre that I enjoy on my phone. There’s something about setting up towers that’s a perfect fit for phone gaming.


Another HUGE THANKS for the Dungeon Warfare recommendation! Bought because of this thread, now few hours in, and enjoying it immensely!

I also like Deathtrap very much.

One not mentioned that I loved but may or may not appeal to TD fans is iBomber Defense. It’s simple in both gameplay and graphics, but I’ve gotten many hours of fun out of it and replayed some levels many times to achieve perfect/better scores.


Infested Planet is getting some DLC:

A Campaign!

Infested Planet

As I’m playing Dungeon Warfare today (thank you again @amandachen!) I wanted to shout from the rooftops why I enjoy playing Tower Defense games so much.

Part of it is a puzzle - how best to keep those darn creeps from my bounty/core/exit. The pieces of the puzzle are interchangeable, but some fit better than others in certain situations. I love TD games where I can replay to my hearts content, trying different combinations.

Part of it is efficiency - I am OCD when it comes to replaying a level I just beat to see how much better I can do it. Knowing how the hordes come is critical information that I can use in my own little Edge of Tomorrow movie making. Can I forgo a barricade at the beginning because creeps are only coming from door #1? When should I drop down a resource generator to make even more coin? How leaky was my chokepoint?

Oh sure it’s entertainment. The screams as a adventurer is tossed into an abyss, or the explosion as a dwarf meets an untimely end. The neighing of the horse as it’s rider is dropped from its mount. There is so much going on, I sometimes lose myself in the spectacle and notice I have over 2,000 coin I need to spend!

In the end, for me, it really comes down to building a better mousetrap. Tower Defense is the ultimate mouse trap and it is awesome to bask in the perfection of your own creation. Some levels are really hard, and it takes a quite a few tries. Today on The Pit, I just had fun. I replayed it several times, and just marveled at my creation.

What a game!


I played the heck out of Infested planet, but about 2/3 the way through (or maybe 3/4 I’m not sure), I hit a brick wall where I just wasn’t understanding that research wheel thingy and it really felt like to make any progress, I was forced to grind to make coin for consummables and I’m really not a fan of playing / grinding / replaying.

I’d be interested in hearing from people who made it to the end, and if you felt consummables were a necessary part of getting there? Did I give up to early?

I tried engaging the developer to get him to explain the research wheel, but he wasn’t having any of it. He just felt it should be so easy to understand and he wouldn’t even answer simple questions.

I really did enjoy the first part of it - it was like my own little starship troopers, with so many bugs!


I am surprised at how much fun Dungeon Warfare is too watch. Usually, as you state, I am in Tower Defense for the efficiency, or, in my case, just for the quick adrenaline shot of having tons of leveling up while not bothering with 60 hours of dialogues.
Dungeon Warfare introduces something that I am not used to in the genre: it is just a joy to watch. Tossing around the poor adventurers in your houses of pain is wonderful.


I do not remember finishing the game; never purchased any of the DLC. Sadly, I have no recollection of the research mechanism, but I may start playing this again. Did anyone purchase any of the DLC? Is it worth it?

I may buy the campaign and then switch between Dungeon Warfare (maybe I will purchase Gemcraft too). That way when I get frustrated with one game I can switch to the other.

I still go back to DG2 all the time and try to beat some of my old scores or move up the ladder a bit. I mainly play the purchasable maps that other players made on super grind (though I do wish that DG2 would go past 99 waves).




I don’t know if I’d class infested planet in tower defence, buy I’d definitely class it in "best games of whatever year it came out ". Glad to see there’s more content. (I even did the leaderboard challenges for a bit, which is unusual for me!)


Oh shit. I haven’t got time for that but Infested Planet is one of my favourite strategy games so… hnnnnngggh. A procedural dynamic and strategic campaign with tactical battles? That sounds so good. I played on the leaderboards for quite a while too @Pod but honestly, I just wanted more of the campaign which this DLC seems to address perfectly (and then some). Thanks for the tip @geewhiz!


Hey, Dungeon Warfare is pretty cool! However, it does something that I just can’t abide and I uninstalled it pretty quickly. If a Tower Defense game is going to have a progression system that includes xp, unlocks, leveling up, upgrades, and variable risk/reward settings, all designed to encourage me to spend time trying different things, it’s intolerable that I get absolutely nothing for a failed run. I value my time a bit more highly than Dungeon Warfare does.



That was my nickname in college. :-)


I usually am one of the first to have issues with this aspect of gaming as well, but in the defense (ho ho) of Dungeon Warfare, it doesn’t feature the time inflation oh-so-common to the genre.
All stages are about 10 waves long, and the game doesn’t pull the usual ‘nasties’, like having a final wave so overbearing that you are punished by the pointing finger of the level designer laughing at you and all the precious time you wasted.

In my experience, usually, if you get the first 3 waves done, you can be pretty sure you got the right groove to finish the stage… Setting up the level with the insta-death rune is also a nice way to save you time actually, by asking you to pull the proper strategy from the start.

This might mean there is maybe one other drawback for some: once your death trap is set up, you can pretty much lay back and enjoy the show. Personally, this is why I am liking the game this much, as it rewards strategizing and doesn’t require any heavy clicking action (I have a ruined arm right now). This is helped by the fact the yellings haven’t got old to my ears after 10 hours, yet.

… install it back!