Hex: Shards of Fate: TCG / MMO From Cryptozoic: Too Many Colons


Yeah, there have certainly been weeks when I’ve been short on time and have just rare-drafted. I generally play it out expecting to lose, and on one occasion I wound up drafting 12 rares and then going 3-0, which was amusing. I don’t think it’s a big deal, and most opponents in the competitive draft are fine with the better prize odds they get when someone drops. I tried to sell off most of my extra boosters, but still have a fair amount from the first two sets. I like to get one of each card but don’t generally bother going for a full playset unless I need it for a deck, so I’m happy to mainly focus on building through my weekly drafts.


I should probably take a cue from above and start at least signing in to rare draft and drop; I also backed at pro player but just haven’t felt any urge to play. I did play quite a bit in the first set, but basically not at all since then. It’s turning into one of the worst $250 I’ve ever spent and I’m not sure why I just haven’t felt the urge to draft. I even have enough time to actually play the drafts out but I’m just not feeling it for some reason.

Oh well, it’ll be waiting for me eventually I guess.


Try the Arena. It’s AI, and it’s constructed, but it gave me the opportunity to ease my way into the game.

I felt pretty unenthusiastic and regretful of my pledge, too, though mine was largely tied to being overwhelmed by a second card set being introduced before I felt the game was playable (I played about five minutes of the alpha and didn’t think the beta was ready for prime time when I occasionally checked it out). But I gave the Arena a shot when Armies of Myth was released, and it was just the introduction I needed.

Was Pro Player a bad idea in hindsight? Given my schedule, probably. But I think the game is coming along nicely, and the three packs a week forever is nothing to sneeze at.


I usually rare draft as a pro backer, I normally do not have the time to play a full draft. I do not care if others do not like that I drop, someone gets a pass so I feel it evens out.

I mainly play PVE and look forward to the dungeons and characters that can level etc.


Anyone’s launcher keep getting stuck while patching? Mine just hangs up on something every time.


I have issues the past two days logging in with the Authenticator turned on. It starts to load and than hangs. I have to try a bunch of times until it finally loads. I do get through the patcher alright. I repaired it to see if that helps but no go. I may try to reinstall if this continues over the weekend.


They’ve announced the changes made as part of the WotC settlement. There are a few cosmetic/renaming things, and they’ve increased the number of cards per pack to 17. The only major gameplay change is that champions will now have a variable health total rather than all having 20.


Who would have seen the name changes to Spectral Lotus and Black Tiger coming? :)

And, seriously, “Kill?” That was the best option to replace “Murder?”


Well, and the Dream Squirrel is a fuckload more awesome than the Black Tiger, it should be noted. Dunno if it’s strictly better, but more awesome for sure. Also didn’t know the Lotus Gard…I mean, Spectral Oak, was in yet. I guess I should be logging in more.


Heh. The wording and terseness of that post says so much more than the actual content. I’ve still never redeemed my Kickstarter accounts, in large part because I was interested in the PvE and their soft launch made me unwilling to keep checking back constantly. Not that I regret backing because I’m glad it’s viable, but I do regret backing as much as I did.


Holy shit. This week’s update FINALLY announced that PvE campaign is launching next week. Super psyched.


Finally! Woo Hoo!


Very excited to see this roll out. Hopefully it will be closer to the beginning of the week than the end. Though things never seem to work out that way, do they?


The promise of a single-player mode has ignited my interest, but going to the official website, I see it’s ftp. Is it also going to be a web of microtransactions?


The singleplayer content will be completely free with the caveat that you use the decks you otherwise have access to so while PvE content will have card rewards (and they’re specific to PvE), and you get one preconstructed starter, I suspect you will want to buy some boosters to have a larger card base to work from.


If there is anyone who needs certain cards let me know. I would be happy to share extra commons and even some uncommons.


It should be up tomorrow morning at 10am PST. Probably before then, but we gave ourselves a healthy patch window since new servers have to go up, etc.

Chris Woods


Yay! Things work out after all!


Here is a good article explaining the PVE Campaigns by the lead designer of Hex (Ben Stoll):



Oh hey, 200 free starting cards with creation of a character. Plus PvP Commons in PvE reward packs. So yeah, should be perfectly viable to play for free while simultaneously making a financial investment worthwhile in terms of more toys to play with.