Hey QT3! Signups now open in Madden league

Most people don’t follow our thread, and wanted to do a quick announcement that we’re finishing up Season 1 and a bunch of teams are open. Whether you’re a once-in-a-while player or a serious footballer it is a LOT of fun. The more humans we get the better. Come join us!

Note: I am not the admin, just love the league and would like to see everyone have a chance to participate! Madden 11 for Xbox360 required (can be usually be purchased for $40 or less)

Teams available in bold:

Draft order:
1: Tampa Bay, .188
2: New York Jets, .250
3: New England, .250
4: Jacksonville, .250
5: Houston, .250
6: Atlanta, .250
7: Detroit, .313
8: Denver, .313
9: Pittsburgh, .313
10: Seattle, .375
11: San Francisco, .375
12: Dallas, .375
13: Miami, .375
14: Philadelphia, .438
15: Washington, .438
16. Tennessee, .500
17. Carolina, .500
18. St. Louis, .563
19. Kansas City, .625
20. San Diego, .625
21. New Orleans, .500 (WC loss)
22. Cincinatti, .625 (WC loss)
23. Chicago, .688 (WC loss)
24. Cleveland, .688 (WC loss)
25. New York Giants, .438 (Div loss)
26. Green Bay, .688 (Div loss)
27. Baltimore, .750 (Div loss)
28. Indianapolis, .813 (Div loss)

Current team alignments:

AFC North:

  • Ravens (Fuzzyslug)
  • Bengals
  • Browns
  • Steelers


  • Titans
  • Texans
  • Colts (Jpinard)
  • Jaguars


  • Bills (Erik J)
  • Dolphins (Omniscia)
  • Patriots - (Matt Bowyer)
  • Jets - (MightyNute)


  • Broncos
  • Chiefs (Seventimessix)
  • Raiders (Broadway Joe)
  • Chargers (BlueJackalope)

NFC North:

  • Bears (dailin kal)
  • Lions (Strummer - 1/20)
  • Packers (Talisker - 1/20)
  • Vikings (VegasRobb)


  • Falcons
  • Panthers
  • Saints
  • Buccaneers (Matt Perkins)


  • Cowboys
  • Giants (IkeVandergraaf)
  • Eagles
  • Redskins (Ashileedo)


  • Rams (TyandTwenty)
  • Cardinals (Cold Shoulder)
  • 49ers
  • Seahawks

I am assuming that someone from Euro-land won’t be able to play because of the time difference?
Otherwise I’d sign up for New Orleans or Cincinnati. I’ve never played Madden much and never online but I do so love football. Oh well, let me know if you think it’s possible.

I think it depends on whether or not you can get a game in. If you’re able to play on weekends, I think people would be able to work it in.

Dominions 3 isn’t a perfect example, since that’s turn-based, but I’ve been able to sit at my PC and trade emails or Steam chats with some of my European buddies, and so I don’t think the time differential is that big a deal if you can make weekends work.

We play one game a week.

If you can find times when you’re awake at the same time as US players, it should be fine. I mean, Omniscia practically lives in Canada and that’s just like Europe, and he does fine with the exception of constantly picking lackluster Florida football teams with sketchy QBs.

I’m very tempted to take the cheesy Eagles with cheesy Mike Vick, cheesy Jeremy Macklin, cheesy Earnie Simms, and extra cheddary DeShawn Jackson and cheese people up.

But I am kind of tired of Madden 11…

Then again going from the Browns offense to the Eagles offense is almost like playing a different game.

Tough call…

Hammet - I have a crazy schedule so if you join my division (Titans, Texans, or Jaguars) we’d have no problem playing our games. In fact, I could pretty much make sure I play at whatever time you’re comfortable with. Outside of that I have no doubt whatsoever linking up with everyone else won’t be an issue for you.
For example, right now it’s 6:00 PM here (Eastern US) and Midnight in Germany. If you can stay up that late - no problems especially on weekends. Also, weekends are easy - you could catch someone on a Fri/Sat/Sun afternoon game (12:00 PM) and it would be 6:00 PM your time. Almost all of us play on weekends, so it won’t be a struggle at all. And I promise to be nice :)


It’s part of the learning process!

OK, cool! I’ll sign up for the Saints then. Oh, and btw, when is it gonna start?

We are in the playoffs now, with the conference championship games and then super bowl to go. After that is over, Mighty will roll ahead to the draft. You can join anytime.

I’d love to pick the Iggles if they’re still available (and if this is the appropriate place to make that request)!

Okay, we still have available:

NFC: Dallas, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Detroit, Green Bay, San Francisco, and Seattle.
AFC: Jacksonville, Tennessee, Houston, Denver, and (maybe) Cleveland.