Hey there's a new episode of the Brodeo out!


Starring Jeff Green, Robert Ashley, Shawn Elliott, Anthony Gallegos, Sean Molloy, and Ryan Scott.
Running Time: 2h 4m 58s

D: D: D: D: D:!!!

Holy shit! Downloading now!

its great!

If I won MegaMillions, I’d probably pay them to put out podcasts and CGW until I ran out of money.

Thanks for the heads up.

So that story about the online community created around taunting the autistic kid… anyone tried to get a social worker or some other professional involved? I was seriously uncomfortable knowing that shit goes on.

A new Brodeo and only a handful of posts so far. For shame!

Was a good episode as usual, but I wish they’d talk more about games and less about some disgusting dude’s fleshlights and piss bottles.


Holy crap!! Downloading now. GFW is the only gaming podcast I’ve ever enjoyed.