High Frontier 3rd Edition PBF/Vassal - Remember the Cant!

Factions (drawn at random from my own physical deck) and turn order (rolled using my Alexa):

  1. @JoshL - ESA (green)
  2. @Matt_W - PRC (red)
  3. @Juan_Raigada - NASA (white)
  4. @Grunden - UN (purple)

If anyone wants to join the game before Monday, you’ll be playing Shimizu (orange) and be last in the turn order.

I also need the players to PM me your email address, so that I can give you write permissions for the game folder on Google Drive.

I updated the instructions for taking your turn in the OP. Please review when you get a chance and let me know if they’re confusing or ambiguous.

That sweet, sweet industrialization income…

The module’s README discusses several ways to deal with patent discards. I know we’re not doing House Rule B (rolling dice to see what card comes up), but there’s still House Rule A, and “Appendix A” which is apparently “standard”? Can we clarify exactly how to do this? (I wouldn’t ask, except I’m first player!)

We’re doing House Rule A according to the Readme. Please send all discarded cards to the discard pile and not to the bottom of the deck. Once a deck is empty, you can right click on the discard pile and choose “return to decks.” (This is essentially what the Appendix is recommending.) I added some notes to the OP to reflect this.

I assume we’re doing idea turns for the start?

I wasn’t planning on it. Just a regular start with 4WT. But if you all want to do idea turns, I’m fine with that.

No, regular is fine, just wasnt sure since we were doing Quickstart last time.

Speaking of starts, let’s get this show on the road. @JoshL, feel free to take your turn.

Ok, my memory is fuzzy, so I’m sure I’ve done this completely wrong, but I’m starting off with an auction.

What do I hear for a Ponderomotive VASIMR thruster? It’s a 3>1 thruster, complete with Afterburner. If you act now, I’ll throw in, at no extra charge, a Photon Tether Rectenna generator, even though they totally don’t work together!

Just to kick things off, I’ll go ahead and bid 40 tons of water (i.e. 1 WT).

The Metastable Helium thruster is revealed as the next card. I posted a vlog.

UN passes on bid

No worries about this; it’ll take a couple of turns to shake the rust off :)

I posted a setup file in the Google Drive folder. Please use that to start your turn. Start up Vassal with that vlog file, choose your color, step through the file, then start a new log file when it prompts you. Then do your turn. The top thruster should be the Mirror Steamer.

Here’s what the patent market should look like when you start your turn:

Thought I did that??

Ok, I didn’t. I started a new game, then clicked “load continuation”, instead of just clicking “load game” and loading your vlog.

So ignore my auction, I’ll do a new one.

No worries. It took me about 5 tries to get the setup file right; I had to remember everything :P

You also should just be able to double-click on the vlog file to load it up directly.

2nd try… who’s interested in a Cat Fusion Z-Pinch Torch robonaut? It’s a pretty sweet ISRU 2 buggy robonaut with zero mass! I mean, yeah, it requires an X reactor (and it comes with a mis-matched, but also pretty cool 1-mass Rubbia Thin Film Fission Hohlraum N-reactor), and a radiator. The radiator is this wacky Li Heatsink Fountain, which says it flips from 5 cools (at 3 mass) to 1 cool (at 2 mass) after “first use”, whatever that means.

I’ll bid 1 WT again. New vlog posted. Free Electron Laser robonaut revealed.

I will bid 2 WT for that baby.

I pass.

Not bad but I prefer to not start with D tech. UN passes.

I’ll go 2

PRC bids 3.