Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The Radio series returns!

This was always my favorite version of the series, and it was the first.

25 years on everyone seems a bit old, but I’m looking forward to it.

“Zaphod, I think you’ve had one Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster too many.”
“That’s not technically possible.”

Excellent news. I wonder who they’ve got as the narrator/voice of the Guide as Peter Jones is no longer with us.

People who can’t listen in real time will be able to catch up with it via the BBC’s ‘Listen Again’ section as well.

Frigging A! I loved the radio version of the Guide, and I can’t wait to hear this new version. Ya think there’s any way we can get it streamed? I want to hear this very badly…

All of BBC radio’s programmes are web-cast, here’s the link for Radio 4 which will be the station for this one.


(Click on Listen Live)

They keep most shows for a week on the ‘Listen Again’ page (link in the top left of the link above) for people who miss it/can’t listen at 18:30 PM BST.

The BBC is bringing back the old Infocom game in some kind of Flash form too, I believe.

I loved that game.

Aw damn, I’d like to see that but I don’t have Hulu anymore.

Well, it’s probably a couple years out at best.

Great news. The original radio series is so good. The books are so good. The BBC TV series is so good. The movie was okay. The newer radio series that continue the series were so good.

Happy 42nd, Hitchhiker’s Guide!