Hitman 2 - WB and IOI kills episodic Hitman

November 13th. Full game release with post-launch content and support. No episodic plans.

So damn happy they dropped the episodic nonsense.

Looks amazing, just one confirmation missing to perfection - Jesper Kyd.

I still have to play the first one and all it’s episodes. Even though I am pretty sure I’ve watched @Jason_McMaster play the entire game via twitch.

Bleh, it was better as an episodic game!

I agree. I think the episodic release schedule forced early buyers to really explore the levels and try different strategies instead of moving on to the next level immediately. That said, I have a feeling the episodic format killed a lot of sales revenue. I know I saw plenty of “I’ll just wait until it’s all done, and then I may as well wait until it’s on sale” sentiments expressed.

I gotta say the IGN stream is unbelievably cringy. Why.

Nah. I get the sentiment, but I don’t like playing piecemealed game, so it just meant waiting (eventhough I bought full season as soon as it was possible, only to support IO)

I think sales suffered a lot because of the episodic structure. Doing full game is immediately more appealing to people, rightly.

I played Paris to death, did a bunch of stuff in Sapienza and barely touched the rest. This trailer has me itching to reload the game.

The episodic model seemed perfect for Hitman. Previously whenever I played Hitman games I’d just play through each level once like any other game. But the episodic model incentivized replaying each level multiple times in completely different ways, and the way IO continually added new stuff to each level along the way made it worth doing so.

That said, the episodic model probably didn’t do too well for them from a sales perspective, and there’s nothing stopping them (or me as a player) from doing the same thing post-release. I just hope they’ve had enough time to create multiple fully-realized levels of the level of the 2016 Hitman game without the extra time they had between each episodic release.

Is that Sean Bean? I wonder if at least some unlocks will cross over?

November, that’s pretty fast, but the rumor said the game was already half done.

I really didn’t mind the episodic release, but I’m just glad another game is coming out.

Dis shit is about to get real, yo.

Just like Absolution, if you preorder the game now, you can play a standalone sniping only mission.

Wait, what. That mode has co-op?!

I guess it does. You can be either black dude with plaster or punk chick. And there’s 47 for the solo player.

Deadly Muffin! ?!?!?!?!

There’s no big difference between an episodic model and releasing the full game and then DLC. You’ll pay more and get a big chunk of content up front, then it’ll be functionally identical.

That coop mode seems a weird idea. People play Hitman for the sandbox experience, for the freedom of choosing how to kill your target, explore the level, disguise into whoever you want, so they should do a coop experience based on that, if they are going to include coop in Hitman for the first time.
No staying in one corner frozen in place playing duck hunt.

This is GREAT news. I wasn’t expecting another Hitman game so soon. Hopefully the missions are a bit more consistent this time, quality-wise. Sapienza rocked.

Oh, and make this offline playable WB. Fully offline. Not that half-assed solution that let you play levels but not unlock rewards.

Amen to that.

Patch that into HITMAN too, please.