Hitman III - Hat trick of Death

I consider them to a niche studio working on a niche game…and actually their history is full of willingness to try the wonkiest things. Remember when this used to be pitched as an episodic game? And we complain about the Epic store integration, but before that we already had the weird Hitman 1 vs Hitman 2 import limitations due to no longer being with Square Enix. I consider their Epic exclusivity as just another part of their constant hunt for funding a triple A non-mainstream game (double A?)

But we also get the brilliant awesomeness of having all of Hitman 1 through 3 integrated which is somehow exactly what I’d expect to make sense, and which basically never happens in any other franchise. I consider them to be a little kooky and willing to double down on their kookiness. I doubt I’ll ever try the tandem sniping mode …

Just got released on Steam. Lots of complaints about the price point for a year old game. And the implementation of VR is not getting good reviews. The G2 is “playable” but not officially supported.

Also included now with gamepass, which makes any full price release look like a bad decision.

Looking at the Steam page, wtf is going on with all the editions?

It’s insanely confusing.

From top to bottom:

Hitman 3
Hitman 3 + DLC
Hitman Trilogy (1+2+3)
Hitman Trilogy DLC (dlcs of 1,2,3)
Hitman 3 DLC
Hitman 3 ‘DLC’ that is the content of Hitman 2 + H2 dlc to be played inside Hitman 3

Looks like you can’t carry over Hitman 2 Steam progress to Hitman 3 GP.

My XBox account is linked to IOI, but it is not available as a destination.

So can all platforms play this in vr mode? I have this on epic and can play via gamepads

I read that’s the case robc04.

You know, this is what happens when you botch a release

even for a 1 year delay release, it’s pretty bad.

Yeah, didn’t help that Hitman 3 was at a record low price of $14 just 2 weeks ago on the EGS.

So if I own all Hitman 1 and 2 content on Steam, and want to play it all in Hitman 3, I only need to buy the 2nd option? once the price drops that is. ;)


edit: from what I know the dlc for H3 has been a disappointment, in comparison with H1 and H2, so you may want to skip the dlc.

The entitlement of some gamers is hilarious, though. Some people compalin of the game being late to Steam for one year and STILL IS A $60 GAME.

uhhh that’s usual? It’s just a 1 year old game, not 3 or 4, of course the base MSRP price is still the same.
Total Warhammer 2 launched on 2017 and it’s also still $60. Wait for a sale if you don’t like it, like with most games.

But I know from where they are coming from. They are entitled Steam fans who expected a discount, like, in apology of them having to wait a year to hve the game released on Steam. Like a compensation for the wait.

Part of the complaint was that it was on a really deep discount on Epic just a couple of weeks ago (effectively $13 iirc).

Well, that was partly thanks to Epic paying up for the discount. What do they want, Epic putting money for the Steam version? It’s like they blame IOI instead of blaming Valve not copying Epic discounts.
And different stores can have different sales at different times.

They probably chose the wrong time - and by chose they probably released it the minute their exclusivity was up. I remember that Steam has rules about how often a game can go on sale, and unfortunately the Steam Lunar New Year sale is in just under a week, so it’ll probably be on sale then for ~$23-24, just like it has been for the last couple Epic sales.

Games that come to Steam after EGS’s exclusivity bullshit usually start at a 50% discount.

I know that was the case of a pair of games, in special BL3, but I don’t think that’s the standard, at all. A 10%-20% is more usual. Examples: Hades (15%), Satisfactory (10%), Griftlands (15%)

It’s weird. I’d figure Epic haters would be happy to pay the extra just to show Epic how much money they’re losing.

You can carry as many items as you want. You can only equip one item at a time. You can usually only have 3 chosen starting items (depends on the level.) And you can also usually have a couple of items sequestered in stashes throughout a level.

Of course, there still legit reasons to critizice them. The VR system is awful, the online DRM is still there, there is still no offline progression, the new way to do the elusive targets hapeen to have a twist that they didn’t announce and people are disliking it, I read that owners of the Hitman Trilogy are ‘welcomed’ with a summary video of the Hitman 1 and 2 that spoils the story!, and there are so many products and bundles that is damn confusing to the buyers. I was just talking of a specific, single point.

Very true! I was confused at first. However, the story is not really the main reason to play this game. It’s fun in a Sober Metal Gear Solid kind of way, but the main attraction is toyboxing the shit out of it.

So I should skip the intro if I don’t want the story for 1 and 2 spoiled. Got it!

But I’m in no hurry to install the trilogy from Game Pass just yet. I bounced off so many Hitman games, I’m actually going to wait until I’m seriously in the mood for a stealth game.