Hmm, suddenly getting emails from Evernote for some reason...

I don’t know what I used or signed up for that provoked this. Anyone else use it? Maybe it’s because I’m a LastPass user (speaking of which why would I keep paying them now that mobile use is free–what are the benefits of paying–no ads or something?)?

I think I had to sub a while back… I think I hit an upload limit.

Sometimes I clip entire webpages/screenshots for my records for work and stuff.

Thing is, as far as I know I’ve never used it. This may be another case of “I’ve got a popular email address-itis.” There’s this one older couple that lives in Vancouver Canada* and I occasionally get stuff meant for them. Their address is my username + 89 tacked on at, but either the senders ignore the extra digits or one or both of them are giving it out wrong.

*I know this because the guy finally got in touch with me after a couple of mystifying years.

Lol steal someone’s Evernote.

You can log in either through standard username password , or you can use Google login as well on a phone. I guess you’re right, they signed up with your email.