Hogwarts Legacy - WB makes a full AAA RPG for Harry Potter

The Lego Harry Potter games (2 - based on the movies) were pretty good, and reviewed as well (IIRC) as other Lego games.

So weird. I’m surprised people don’t leave the forum for more reasonable moderation. But I guess there’s a place for everybody.

Some people enjoy a forum atmosphere that doesn’t pretend there are “reasonable” debates to be had about whether or not TERFs suck :)

That doesn’t justify chilling discussion about the game. If we banned people for discussing titles where dubious characters benefit from sales in any way there wouldn’t be many posters left and they wouldn’t have many games to talk about. Activision, Blizzard certainly, Ubisoft, EA… it’s honestly challenging to come up with a large company that isn’t problematic. Just google “sexual harassment companyname” and pretty much everybody has a recent hit.

Sounds like the forum owner has picked their hill to die on, and that’s fine. I respect people who die on hills more than people who won’t die on any because it’s impossible to die on every one.

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I suspect moderation gets really complicated and tedious too when folks engage in what is supposed to be discussion about a game but do so in ways that are thinly disguised forays into the things that are not ok for discussion.

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If we couldn’t discuss anything created by people we disagree with, we would have a lot of discussions that are insightful never happen.

Too go extreme, there is a lot to learn dissecting Mein Kampf (which is why we learned about it in school). But with your type of rules you can’t discuss the product due to who made it.

Makes perfect sense to decide not to buy a game if you disagree with the creator, even makes sense to me to let other people know you are and why. What makes no sense to me is simply saying you shouldn’t be allowed to discuss the product independent of the creator. Well that and the harassment of people who are interested in the game itself.

I’m exited for the game, I despise the ideas of the creator. I’m excited for Diablo IV and the stuff that happened behind the scenes makes my stomach churn.

We’ve got Godwin people! Alert, we have got Godwin here.

No, we’ve got a very thoughtful post from Harkonis that you’re kind of being reductive about. You can substitute any work by a problematic creator in there and the point of the post remains.

The real Nazis are the ones that won’t let us read a book founding the Nazi movement!

ResetEra is a private site which can set their own rules. If the folks running it decide, “This is a topic that we collectively feel only has one reasonable outcome (JK is a shitbag TERF who will profit from this game’s success and continue to use her wealth and platform to materially worsen the lives of trans folks worldwide), and our community is built around the needs of those this game harms, and having a relentless procession of sealions washing up on our shores bemoaning ‘free speech’ to restart the already-settled discussion is only going to bring those marginalized folks grief,” they’re very well welcome to act on that as they see fit.

I’m not suggesting Qt3 adopt the same mentality. I gave up that fight long ago :)

If someone wants to do a serious deconstruction/dissection of Hogwarts Legacy in an academic sense, I’m sure someone can make that happen. I doubt anyone posting in a forum thread about the game pre-release is doing that. Resetera doesn’t want others to encourage pre-release hype for a game they feel benefits someone hostile to a good portion of their membership.

This board largely skews white, middle-class, straight, and older. Resetera is more youthful, has more varied ethnicities, and has a decent percentage of trans members who personally take offense at Rowling’s nonsense. I don’t think they are out of line to ban the game over there, just as I don’t think it’s necessary to ban it here.

Edit: What @ArmandoPenblade said!

Hooray @Telefrog doesn’t have me on ignore!

They’re a private forum, they can do whatever they want. I really do find it surprising though.

I watched a longer unedited gameplay segment and I’m mostly unexcited.

At first glance this looks like an RPG, but I think the rpg aspects are all just combat/crafting/etc. I wasn’t expecting Fallout or Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines - though that would be amazing - but it did kind of look like Hogwarts: Bully Edition and it doesn’t seem to be that either.

Interested to hear if there is more to it though.

I’m not a fan of damnatio memoriae, works should be able to be discussed. Resetera goes way too far towards being a circular firing squad- folks there seems scared and hostile, like online Republicans, and this is coming from someone who enjoys leftie mastodon with its community standards. ^_^

Profited from is another story, especially as that horrid person (and this is very personal for me) is on record as saying she believes her profitability means folks support her views.

I’ll think less of anyone I know who buys this game, as I know it shows they’re ok with making me illegal and hunted. (Same way I think less of anyone who buys CFA who I think knows what they stand for).

I know what it’s like to be on the other side of things, as I’ve had folks say they think less of folks who bought Stardock games- you don’t have to accept the opinions of others all the time, but you have to accept that your choices have consequences.

Yet, there is one “creator” that invokes Godwin’s law, and that was the one chosen, and I have pointed it out.

But I do! Wait, no I don’t. Nevermind.

What’s this?