Holiday Decorating: Which Derek Smart Quote Should I Use?

Derek the halls with boughs of holly…fa la la la la, la la la la etc. I need something to put on the back of this Christmas tree ornament.

LOL!!! I’m touched. Though I would have expected this one to be in there as well

“Dealing with publishers is like stepping through a minefield.
In the dark. Blindfolded. With people shooting at you.
And your ex mother-in-law giving you directions”

ROTFLMAO!!! Oh man, that. is. hilarious. Jolly good show, Sparky!

/me thinking I haven’t laughed so hard all week

Nipple nipple nipple nipple nipple…

But the neighbor one is good too.

The last one, it’s got that whole spirit of something or other going for it.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the ornament is hilarious. Nice job!

I’m going for the weaner/braniac quote.

Personally, I would spell it “wiener” or the farkish “weener.”

That’s what I like about you Derek, you’re an innovater.

On the 12th day of Smartmas my true love gave to me

12 screenshots
11 screenshots
10 screenshots
9 dented Coke cans
8 publisher meetings
7 internet stalkers
6 forum posts
Fiiiive L O LLLLLs
4 ATI rants
3 Mars rocks
2 Insults
And Battlecruiser 3000 A.Deeeeee.

Greetz: m0nty, Greg, Gabe

Best. Parody. Ever.

ahaha, Matt, you, my friend, have waaaaaaaaaaay too much time on your hands. :P

We came up with that in about 5 minutes, actually.

This is the best thing I’ve read all day.


This is the best thing I’ve read all day.[/quote]

Yeah, the whole thing is pretty darn funny.

Thats the thing I like about this forum. Everyone is a certified nutcase. I fit right in. :D :D :D