Holy cats it's SECRET SANTA 2017 (11th ANNUAL)


Crap I need to update the wishlist at the link I sent my Santa before fire pairs us up or someone is going to think I’m super crazy.


Aw, look at you guys leaving me notes.



You also left notes to your Santa!



Clearly whoever gets matched up with @fire should get her pies and/or charts.


I love both of these things.


During this month I’m generally good at providing the former.



Yet another reason to visit California. . .


Secret Santa pairings have gone out. If you believe you should have gotten a pairing and didn’t, or if you have any questions, please let me know.


Oh man I am super excited! LET THE STALKING COMMENCE


Yayyyy so much fun!



Hmmm…I am surprised to learn that Australia is only 2.6% kroks and dropbears.


The rest is snakes, spiders and sharks. I can’t guarantee that one won’t crawl into my Santees gift by the way, so treat with caution. And as you don’t know who that is, you should all be cautious.


Perhaps you can now finally reveal the biggest mystery: what’s the difference between “Anywhere” and “Put me in whatever category needs more people”, they both seemed to be interchangeable.


Let us not forget the deadly bush.


There isn’t much difference. But I imagine that some folks would prefer to ship internationally, and some don’t have a preference.


One of the many reasons I don’t live in Queensland. I once stepped out of a boat and reached (unknowingly) for the stem of this bush to haul myself up the bank. Fortunately I got on really well with the rangers I was working with, otherwise they might not have warned me before it was too late. ;)


Why do they even allow it to grow where someone might grab it? Or does it threaten to kill a gardener when he comes too close?

It’s a Triffid offshoot, isn’t it?


I was up some river in the middle of nowhere looking for croc nests, it’s a native plant that’s meant to be there (to add to the hazards). I’m sure nobody had this stuff in their back yard.

I might send some to my Santee so they can try it out.


Watch it become the next invasive species!