HomeLAN is killing me

If anyone has the capability of hosting my poor little site (hopefully the site will actually be working when you click the link), I’d appreciate it. I have no money, but will run ads if necessary.

Right now I’m hosted with HomeLAN. I appreciate what they’ve given to me-- completely free hosting-- but I am rapidly approaching “getting what I’ve paid for.” Either the guy in charge of the server upon which my site resides is completely incompetent or just doesn’t care. I haven’t had site statistics or e-mail forwarding for four months now. Now there is a problem where whenever a visitor submits a form, they get a server not responding error even though the information went through. That pretty much cripples the site, and I don’t have much hope for it getting fixed.

What the site requires:
[ul]*A server that can handle about 1 gig of transfer per day (it may be more now, but that’s what it was four months ago when the stats stopped working)
*PHP with GD (a graphics generation package) library support
*FTP access (SSH would be nice too).
*A good amount of disk space (around 200MB now, but it grows because Taco makes a lot of mp3 and Flash stuff)[/ul]
Alternately, I could use some paying work.