Hoo boy, What did I screw up now? (Dual boot failure)

I decided I’d use a little of the space on my HD to make a 100gb partition, install XP on it, and use that to run Gametap off of. It’d be my Gametap only bootup.

Creating the partition by using the disk shrink thing in Vista 64 worked like a charm. Formatted that new little partition. Inserted XP disk. Installed it on the new partition. Great!


Now my computer only wants to boot XP. It doesn’t see Vista on the main partition at all. It doesn’t offer it as an OS choice at all…but if I access the main partition on the drive with Vista, it sure is there.

Can I reformat the partition I installed XP to and then will the system reboot to Vista, or have I really screwed the pooch here and suddenly need a full reinstall of windows?

Try this. (You should be able to skip straight to page 4 since you’ve essentially just done the first few steps.)

You should also be able to repair it with the built-in utilities when you boot off the Vista disc, but I can never remember what the exact options are.

There’s probably no chance that Fugitive is a hot chick is there, 'cause that’s the only way I can reconcile the “oh sweet jesus thank you” thoughts I’m having about him right now.

Actually that article has been revised and instead of using your Vista install disc for a recovery, it now has you just use EasyBCD, which is donationware.

I’m sending the EasyBCD guy $25 just because. Worked awesomely well. Whew.

Thanks Fugitive. A thousand times thanks!

I promise to root for the Flames for the first half of the NHL season in your honor.