Horizon Zero Dawn - Postapocalyptic cavewoman vs Zoids

This is kinda like a Fallout game in that there is so much going on in the geography and the environment.

It’s kind of a love letter to the U.S. National Park System. Or like the movie adaptation of Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. As the B-roll of natural wonders unspooled, it’s like Hammer & Tongs and the ghost of Douglas Adams were whispering to the audience, “Appreciate the natural world, because it might not be here forever – or we might not be.”

Well, I wouldn’t want to overpromise on it; it’s not an essential experience compared to the main questline. The gameplay challenge is tougher, something I enjoyed but that’s very much a ‘me’ thing and can understand that may be a turn off for some. I’d recommend ignoring it until you’re done with the main quest so you can bail on it at whim.

I actually kinda enjoyed it on a technical level too. The deformable snow effects are really cool and worth seeing, though they kinda spoil going back to the main quest which doesn’t have that tech in its snowy areas. I also recall particularly enjoying the mo-cap performances, I think they captured a lot more facial tics and such which I think pushed things a bit further out of ‘uncanny valley’ territory compared to those in the main quest. But my memory here may be a bit fuzzy.

@triggercut will appreciate Concrete Beach Party which are I think only in Frozen Wilds.

Ever been to Yellowstone NP?

The rumor is that Sony is doing a remake of the first game for PS5.

That’s another head-scratcher for me. It seems too soon, right? What’s with these quick remakes?

A remaster, not a remake. Which is somewhat puzzling, but less so.

It’s not much of a mystery. They’ve done it with Spiderman, Ghost of Tsushima, and Death Stranding already. Presumably they see people willing to buy, making the investment worth it.

I picked this one up at the very end of the Steam Sale. I also grabbed Elden Ring, but I think I will start with this one as a lighter and friendlier (I hope) on-ramp back into action gaming.

It is a fun game with nice graphics, some interesting mechanics, imaginative enemies and a good story.

just went on sale on steam for 1649 cents

but for me it’s not the price as much as whether or not it’ll be worth my time

seems like it might be, and I’m right at the recommended requirements

Hey Rimbo, haven’t seen you in a bit! It’s a solid game, gorgeous as far as graphics, call it 50% of a Souls game on difficulty. The first hour or so drags a touch as they introduce the mechanics, after that it’s a pleasure.

'Sup, Houngan! Thanks for the review. Honestly, I could use a mechanics review; I don’t play games enough that getting one will be worth the time and effort.

Reviews seem nigh-universally positive, too. Looks like fun. I’m in.

Is it sad if I admit I only got interested in this game because of the Lego set?

i’ve also never played a Souls game yet

Me either, I watched a streamer go through Elden Ring and it’s just not for me. Give Horizon a shot, you will probably enjoy it.


It’s on my wish list. I’m waiting for it to go on sale.

I have a feeling I’ll be waiting a looooooooooooooooooong time.

Maybe, by then, I’ll have a machine that can actually play it well. :D

You missed the ER sale, which as expected wasn’t much of a mark down. Horizon is a fun game once you understand what you can do. I ran it on a less than optimal pc and for the most part it ran well. As did ER surprisingly.