"How about now?"

Is it a good thing that ~8 years after the fact, I can still remember Noober, the uber-annoying yet oddly hilarious NPC in Nashkell in Baldur’s Gate? They don’t make NPCs like that anymore.

How about Neeber in Trademeet in BG2.

For some reason, I never found Neeber as funny as the original. I dunno why, maybe Bioware just tried too hard the second time round.

Harold from Fallout series > Noober

True, Neeber was more annoying than hilarious.

Weird Harold was awesome.

(sly acknowledgment of obscure reference)

It’s me! Imoen! UGH.

Nobody will live up to Minsc and Boo.

Supposedly Noober was inspired by a real person. I was never able to find out the full story behind him, however.

True statement.

I always loved that you could kill Noober with no penalties at all. I sorta felt bad for him… for about 1/2 a second.

Myron, baby, Myron!

I don’t remember Noober but I remember that annoying guy in Gothic 1 who kept bugging me. Finally I beat him up and he left me alone, I think.

The character in Gothic was named Mud. I think most people found fun ways to murder him in the end.

Apparently he was based on an annoying German TV host named Niels Ruf.


Given I’m replaying Torment, I’ll vote Morte as my favorite weirdo NPC. I’ve just restarted it but his dialogue is just perfect. And it pops up all over the place. Like when he decides he wants a skeletal body (and none will do until you get to the giant skeleton guardians - oh, you know better, but you can’t help letting him talk you into trying…) or warns you off killing the female zombies because he’s looking for a date.

Oh man, I forgot about him. I was trying SO HARD to be the pure and virtuous good guy, and I STILL beat the crap out of him so he’d leave me alone.

Don’t trust the skull.

  • Alan

That line gave me chills the first time I read it. Such a wonderful game.