How AIM® Popular Are You?

Go to and insert your name and someone else’s. It’ll give you a score.

What does the score mean?

The higher your number, the more online third-degree connections you have. Your score isn’t an exact number of your third-degree connections. Rather, it shows how many connections you have relative to other AIM users.

I have a score of about 16K.

I have a few friends with scores as follows: 17K, 20K, 32K, 51K, and 57K. The last two are in the top 5% of all AIM users.

Well, how AIM popular are you?

  1. I only use it for work, though.

My score is zero. I only use it to talk to one person…


Only 14350 :(.

  1. Nobody likes me.



Damn I only get 1400. I need more chicks on my list.


I guess because I talk to a lot of PR people and friends via IM, I get a crazy score like 51,047.

We’re just jealous that you’ve been chatting online with babes all day.

I just compared all the women to all the guys on my AIM list.

The women, including PR chicks, rated about 30k on average.
The guys, including PR dudes, rated about 15k.

Odd, that :P

Hehe. PR people have incredible scores. They’re all like 50K. A particular PR male reached 78K!

1,100. I don’t use AIM much.

My score is 16!

Hitlers score is about 3k, beating both Stalin and Saddam. Kim Jong Il handidily beats his old man. Pol Pot gets a respectable 345.

Just out of curiosity, when are people using AIM? It’s banned at every work site I know (and I know a lot). I can see the PR world using it, but the work places I know view it with the same love they hold for people browsing eBay during work hours. I’ve written computer use policies for clients that specifically forbid it.

My wife and I dumped all instant messaging software a few years ago because we’re hermits. She was constantly on invisible to avoid certain people she couldn’t remove from her list (relatives), and I hated the distraction during online games. Don’t bug me while I’m on my computer.

Like Jesus said, “Chatty bitch should get on IRC if he wants to talk.”

Strangely enough I’ve recently been seeing IM type apps make a big resurgence in the business world under the guise of productivity-enhancing communication apps.

HP has internal jabber servers and lets some employees run jabber as a means of staying in touch amonsgt locations . I have no idea the size of the deployment or the degree of penetration in HP but I know I’ve worked with HP project teams split across continents and the members used it communicate.

Just out of curiosity, when are people using AIM?

I use it all day, on my phone.

7312 here