How do I get the forum to remember which messages I've read???

It’s become painful to try and find new and old topics alike. For some reason half the pages I read don’t get picked up as having been read by me. Not sure if it’s from using the back button or what. Anyone else experiencing this? I’m mostly reading the forums using my iPhone.


Are you logged in?

It doesn’t automatically flag a newly read thread with ‘tracking’, unless it’s in a sub forum you already fully track, you comment in the thread, or you visit it a few times.

That said it not marking something you’ve read as ‘read’? Perhaps it’s a quirk of the mobile browser. If your phone goes to sleep or you tab out it may not flag newer posts you see as ‘read’. I know I’ve had that happen.

Read position in topics are always tracked, provided you are of course logged in. Any more details?

If you have sketchy cell or wifi, sometimes the read position info can’t get sent through successfully. There is a small blue dot next to the date and timestamp that indicates whether you have seen a post. It fades as you read.

Sorry about the lack of details - hard to type a lengthy post on a phone so I tried to be brief with the focus points. Now that I’ve spent some time on the computer and looked at the forums, I guess the “normal” button needs to be changed manually to tracking (hadn’t seen it, as the way it read on my phone didn’t seem to be a button to push).

My frustration was from the lack of clarity as to why some threads would be followed while others (that I wanted to follow) weren’t being followed. I wasn’t sure if it was my back button somehow screwing up the positioning or whatnot since the behavior seemed quite inconsistent (some threads followed, while others not).

Thanks for all the replies! Very helpful and got me to the point where I understand how it works better and should be able to have a more pleasant and meaningful reading experience.

The general answer is you auto track topics you reply to, or read for more than 4 minutes. You can change this in your user preferences.

Thanks for the clarification!!