How do I set up my old router as a range-extender?

I’ve got an older wireless Linksys WRT54GS v1.1 that I’d love to use as a range extender for my apartment building (to share bandwidth with my cute neighbor, who checks her email every 3 days).

How, um, do I do this?

“All I needed to do was set the new WRT54g to a new IP,, use the same SSID, wireless channel, and encryption settings, and then go to the WDS screen on the old WRT54g and put in the MAC address of the new WRT54g. Instant extension of my network.”

More about wireless distribution system (WDS):


Pogo FTW. If you want more interaction with your hot neighbor, the solution is to make her come over to your house every three days to check email.

WDS precludes the use of WPA, if I recall correctly. You’re stuck with old, busted WEP.

Yes, that’s correct. WEP encryption only for WDS.

WEP is worth it for a hot neighbor though.

If you can’t do WDS you could set up “client bridged mode” which extends the lan from one point to another point (she would have to physically use a LAN port though.) Otherwise, you’re stuck running ethernet from the LAn side of your main router to the LAN side of your spare router and setting up the same SSID and network key, but a different channel. Instead of WDS, this is known as a roaming SSID setup.

Any attempt to use a range extender will most likely result in lower throughput across your wireless (unless it has two wireless radios.) And although she may be hot, less bandwidth is not a good tradeoff.

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