How do people find data centers for thier games?

I am working at a company that has a massive datacenter where a lot of it is empty. I suggested that they might persue MMOG companies or other game companies who need these services.

Anyone have any insight on where to begin on this?

MMORPGs have three needs:

  1. Lots of space, and the ability to expand into it at a moment’s notice

  2. More bandwidth than humans should be allowed to use

  3. 100% uptime for said bandwidth and NOC. Or as humanly close to it as possible.

If they can provide all of those generally the person to talk to is the CTO of whatever MMO company they’re pursuing. Most of the pre-existing ones already have contracts set up, but you can always pursue MMOs in alpha/beta that don’t have that yet.

Thanks for the info, the place I work at now definitly meets these requirments.

It does? For cryin’ out loud, make it a real profit center, host porn.

Most datacentres dont lack for space. It’s the cost that tends to be the big problem. I work in one of the UK’s newest ones, and it’s very shiny and impressive, but it wouldn’t be any better/worse for a MMORPG than practically any other DC, really.

You could use me as demo for MMO Game Companies. I need about 13,000 gigs of bandwidth a month :)

And I have no way to pay for it :(