How do you find the name of an obscure TV actor if all you have to go on is his face?

I was watching a show in the city tonight (Walken and Sam Rockwell in Behanding in Spokane) and saw one of those “Oh it’s that guy!” actors in the audience and I can’t for the life of me remember anything he’s been in. I know he’s done random guest spots and characters in sitcoms, but I can’t recall the names of any of them.

Does anyone know of a repository of “Oh that guy!” actors’ photos I can comb over? Or some other resource I could tap?

For anyone convinced they can figure it out based solely on descriptions, here’s what I’ve got:
[li] curly dark blond almost-red hair[/li][li] in his 40s by now[/li][li] usually played wiseass characters[/li][li] has a somewhat nasal voice[/li][li] longish face[/li][li] looks like he could maybe be Ron Silver’s cousin. sorta[/li][/ul]And that’s all I got.

The correct term is “Hey, it’s that guy!” or, HITG

A face index of them

And, you bastard, Zoe Kazan is in that play. She’s mine! Mine!

Giovanni Ribisi is a HITG? I dunno about that.

Alan Tudyk?


Edit: Oh that guy!

Now that’s a HITG

Ribisi is an HITS(cientologist).

Well that breaks my heart.

I usually hit IMDB/Wikipedia for the movie/show in question.

EDIT: Oh, you mean like, show-in-meatspace. I have no idea.

Doesn’t bother me, but I know how you feel (Jason Lee & Beck).

I believe he was at a play, and the actor he saw was just a random guy in the audience, not one of the cast. But yeah imdb would be the first place to look if you knew something they were in.

Damn it, that looks like an interesting play. I’m getting sick of reading about it in The New Yorker and being so far away.

What the FUCK man?!

Okay, I’m going to say Adam Goldberg, which I assume is wrong. But tell me the ways your guy is different from Adam Goldberg. That’ll help narrow it down.

Second guess in this HITG triangulation, Michael Rapaport. again, even if these are off, comparing them to your guy will help.

I was about to face-palm, but then I found the HITG I was looking for, JT Walsh.

Actually, wait. You know who he kinda looks like? The tool in Ghostbusters (“It’s true; this man has no penis.”), William Atherton. It’s not Atherton, but it kinda looks like him.

Sadly, he’s not on That page tends to focus on movie actors and I’ve only ever seen this guy on TV.

Aw man, I didn’t know Brion James died. That list is depressing.

Sadly, neither. My guy is a lot more goy than Adam Goldberg. Also, he’s blondeish.

Rapaport is a little closer, but a little too meat-headed. Really, the closest person I can think of in appearance is William Atherton.

Damian Lewis?

Jeffrey Jones?

Christopher McDonald?

Ooh, good one.

I feel if it’s not him it’s going to have to be Chi McBride.