How do you follow up on a game like Bastion?

Title How do you follow up on a game like Bastion?
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When March 19, 2013

So here's what the folks who made Bastion, my favorite game of 2011, are doing next. I now know all I need to know until it's out in 2014..

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Bastion was one of those special gaming experiences that I often had growing up but now rarely experience. I'm really looking forward to this next game.

Love this trailer..looking forward to it.

Humble Bundle is offering a special on Bastion, today. $1 gets you a Steam key; above the average gets you soundtracks, art, etc. There's a Transistor poster available, too.

Great song in the trailer.

Striking art, music (with lyrics!), and a precious handful of proper nouns. Yep, looks like a Supergiant game.

Beautiful trailer. I'll be buying the soundtrack right before the game itself.

Wowza, now that's a trailer. Tell me nothing, keep me on the line. Love it.

Giant circuit board swords? Hell yeah.

Who uses sound cards in the last decade?