How embarrasing, help with a kids game?

O.k. I hate to admit this in public but I’m stuck in a game. Gamefaqs can’t help because the game is Clifford the Big Red Dog. Basically most of these kids games are point and click adventure games, with the player having to do stuff like find some ice cream so the neighbors will let you wash the dog in their pool.

Anyway, they are really simple(my three-year-old loves them because she can play herself). But occasionally like Kings Quest games, they’ll have a puzzle that makes no sense at all. Are there places to get hints on games like this? Gamefaqs doesn’t have anything that I can find, and the publisher has almost zero support which is what I expected from these budget titles.

Explaining to a kid that you have no idea how to get across the traffic in a game is a pain in the butt when they are still at the age that they think you know everything.

Any suggestions?

Say it’s a bug, thereby saving face?

I’ll ask my daughter when I get home tonight. She beat that one a long time ago. ;)

I vaguely remember something that lets you click into a mini game, where you can drag various cars to their appropriate destinations. Does that help?

I can tell you from personal experience that a three-year-old doesn’t understand what a bug is. :) If something is wrong with the computer, it’s because you did it. This is part of that whole think-you-know-everything bit.

Jeremy, at worst you could probably dig up and use a tech-support line/e-mail. Granted it’s a long shot but better than nothing - although probably worse than just letting Noun dig up the answer for you. :)

Ooh, we haven’t done a mini game on that page, so that could be it. We’ll try it tonight!

Thanks for your help guys.

That game made you its bitch.

That game made you its bitch.[/quote]


That game made you its bitch.[/quote]

Holy shit, Koontz made me laugh! And not unintentionally!

Gotta go with Quatoria…that was damn funny.

Mark L

Hey what ages did you guys’ kids start playing video games?

My daughter is about 2.5 now and she still hasnt picked them up. She can work the controllers fairly well, but she doesnt seem to completely get it yet. That she is controlling a specific thing on the screen, etc. She likes to watch me or my wife playing certain games, Finding Nemo on the PS2 especially, but I was just curious when I might expect some competition :)