How much of the world is crazy?

Seriously, using your interactions with people during the day, how much of the world do you seriously consider to be crazy. I’m not talking ‘shit in your palm and throw it’ crazy, I’m talking the subtle, or not so subtle, insanity that may cause you to kill that person eventually.

Note: For you hermits and shut ins, just use the day with the most human interaction as your base line.

Note2: First and last answers purposely left blank to be statistically viable

I was going to vote 50%, but there was no option, so I said fuck it.

I believe that everyone is crazy. Friends are just people with compatible forms of crazy.

I like Super’s take, but I really think you chose the wrong phrasing, Cookie. I think the majority of the world is un- or mis-informed. That is the diplomatic conversion of what I really think. Most people are simply stupid.

I saw a woman literally screech at a child because HER dog got too close to the child: Her tiny little puffy shit-dog wandered over to the child and barked while the owner stood there and watched, the child got scared and just froze. The owner then walked over and started screeching at the child for ‘scaring her dog’. She then snatched up her dog and walked to her car muttering as the child started crying.
That, to me, is insane; not stupid, insane.

Wow! Point taken. On the insane dog owner front…

After our preacher left, back when I actually attended church, we had a replacement who was married, past the age for kids, and had none of his own. He and his wife, of course, had two yip-yip dogs which they would occasionally let run around our tiled sanctuary. Then, when we had our church directory photos made, that’s right, they had there two little mutts in the picture with them and their names accompanying them underneath the pic in the directory.

So many reasons not to go to church and only one big one to go.

Are you going to give a speech? You ARE the first login ID to make it to 3000 posts I believe.

Are you going to give a speech? You ARE the first login ID to make it to 3000 posts I believe.[/quote]

Nope. My 2,000 post speech was the end of my speech giving days. With my crazy mood swings being very active as of late, most of the things I said in that speech probably do not hold true today. Tomorrow, OTOH, I am sure I will just make one post in a giant red font that says, “I LOVE YOU GUYS!” and then cry myself to sleep.

Free cookies?

You attended church? INSANITY!

Okay, so I actually like churches.

I like a lot of people at the churches and a lot that never step inside one. Also, many of the buildings are shiny and pretty. It is the whole organized portion and often political atmosphere which develops around folks I can no longer tolerate.

Well, you’re all friggin nuts. So tell me, are you representative?

Well, wumpus wanted to get rid of Andie MacDowell and, consequently, Groundhog Day, and Desslock still wants to wipe Office Space out of existance just because he doesn’t like Friends, so I’d say it’s at least whatever percentage two out of [number of people in the world] is. So I voted for 100%.