How susceptible to hard drives are magnets?

If I put magnetic stick-strips on the bottom of my case where air is sucked in, so I could put a magnetic screen on to filter dust… would my HD’s that line the bottom of my case be at risk?

I was going to do these two things:

My entire case is acrylic, hence the need for stick-on magnet strips.

I don’t know the answer you want, but the answer to the question you asked is that your magnets should be fine. 😁

Oh thank god I thought I was going crazy.

OMG I just now realized I wrote that backwards hahahahaha. Maybe I should leave it like that. It’s been a long time :)

Yep, it’s too late now. Own your shame! :)

Fucking magnets, how do they work?

Hmmmm, no idea if hard drives are bad for magnets. Let me look for a few around here and test, and I’ll let you know!

Really depends on the size of the magnet. :)


Are you using actual magnetic disk drives with platters? If they’re solid state, they won’t be affected by the magnets.

OK I really do need an answer if anyone knows.

@Matt_W the ones at the bottom of my case are SSD’s. I have mechanical hard drives about 2" above the bottom of the case. I’d assume these magnet aren’t all that powerful. Refrigerator magnet strength.

Google answered the question in 30 seconds. Yes, it’s fine.

2" away through several layers of metal is almost certainly fine for any magnet that you’re likely to have in your house. If you have to post pacemaker warnings around the magnet and/or require a jack to pull them away from metal surfaces (like some magnets we have here at work) you might have an issue.

There’s no metal in my case. It’s all acrylic. And the entire bottom of my case is slatted grills for passive airflow if one didn’t use fans (I had this custom built 15 years ago so all hot air would vent up and out including the video card exhaust.

Different option: perhaps some adhesive velcro would sidestep this issue and give you what you want.

Hard drives aside, I doubt magnets will do you any favours regarding wifi/bluetooth signals.

I tried that. The velcro rips the sticky strips off when you try to remove the grill for cleaning. Plus gobs of dust gets caught in it making a mess. My house is apparently a bit dusty.

It ultimately depends on how strong the magnet is (at those prices, I doubt much) and how close it is to the drives (HDDs much more so, but they’re pretty far up). I doubt they’re that strong, but I don’t think anyone wants to be blamed in case they are.
I guess you could put the strips near something like an old phone to see if it keeps working, and wiggle them a bit as that should do worse via induction.

Yeah, yeah, we all say that. No, seriously, they all are.

I’d try a different brand. The glue should be strong enough not to give way before the velcro does. There are also other products like 3M Dual Lock which are similar to velcro but don’t have a ‘fuzzy’ side. It should be easier to clean.

The magnets should be fine for this application, and I agree they’ll be neater than using velcro or whatever.