How to get a program off Vistas UAC startup block?

I have a program that UAC blocks on every startup, and i can’t seem to find out how to put it on UAC’s greenlist (if such a thing exists?)

Any tips?

nm: that won’t work.

Turn off that piece of shit UAC.


Seriously, turn that turd off. It’s more harm than good.

I know, i know. I wish i could, but this is on my Media Center PC and if i turn it off it fucks with the Media Center (i have no idea why).

In what way?

After an update a few weeks ago UAC started blocking startup programs with Admin rights for some reason. My quick lazy fix was to de-admin the blocked startup programs since they now worked properly without said admin rights anyway (my permissions settings were a relic of earlier vista builds).


In that way.

Also, at work we run Autocad. UAC fucks with Autocad mercilessly. Various other apps get bent over by it. It’s better off not existing.

No, Autocad is better off running their code in user space without requiring admin access to the machine. Seriously, why does Autocad need access to protected parts of the system?

This is precisely why Linux has far less exposure to virii.

haha what?

It was more true in the past when privilege separation was much more primitive or nonexistent on Windows, but that part’s largely evened out nowadays. And it was actually OpenBSD that liked to brag “no remote hole in the default install!”

Really though, most malware nowadays doesn’t even really need higher privileges. Having it makes it easier to conceal itself, but fundamentally they just want to intercept data, send out spam/DDoSes, and spread themselves further on the Internet, which they can do with regular user privileges. It’s a problem for everyone.

Good point. But running a large infrastructure of AIX and linux servers, the possibility of a virus has never really occurred to me. However, I occasionally hear from colleagues running large infrastructure on windows that their apps have been completely shut down because of some stupid virus taking advantage of things like network shares or other gaping holes in the windows OS. Just an amazing concept that your multi-million dollar revenue generating app can get shut down because of conficker…

Oh dear.