How to manage tabs in Firefox now that tab groups are gone?

I really miss tab groups because I like to have a lot of tabs open, but when it gets more than 10 across my 27 in monitor it gets hard to tell what’s what. What are you all doing?

I have 42 tabs across 2 instances of FF. Plus about 15 more in Chrome. I don’t manage it, I just weep.

I don’t get why people keep those many tabs open. My browser sessions almost never go beyond 10 tabs for so many reasons.

I guess I’m old. Get off my lawn, you kids!

Tree Style Tabs. Save all that empty white space on a widescreen monitor, and group tabs however you like into parent-child drop-downs.

Is that a browser add-on or something?

It is.

Cool, just installed it, but I hope there’s a guide on how to organize them as you say.

It’s pretty easy. Any time you middle-click on a link, it’ll open a new tab for that link in child tab from your current tab. You’ll be able then to click the little arrow on the tab to hide all the child tabs under the parent. I’m sure that’s all customizable…there’s are a whole bunch of options available, including themes if you don’t like the default.

Also, any tab can be dragged to just under any other tab (until you get a little black bar around it…it might take a little practice) and it’ll automatically become a child tab.

It is also the #1 reason I will continue to use Firefox over any other browser, because no other browser has a Tree Style Tabs. Best browser extension ever.

Hmm, they must have changed the middle-click behavior*, because doing that just closed the tab–or maybe that’s because I also installed a sub-add-on that allows one to undo a closed tab.

Can one do categories, like “Streaming Video” etc.?

*ah, never mind, I middle-clicked on a tab on the left. I should have read your post more carefully.