How to save streaming video from web

There are a number of sites that display video in a streaming form only - how do you easily record and save this streaming video to a file? I tried a couple of freeware programs that I found with a cursory search, but since the video file location was in the form of www.newstory.interview.html they didn’t know how to handle it (or I couldn’t figure out how to operate the program.)


Most streams are specifically designed so you can’t do what you’re trying to do. You probably can find some software that will get you where you want to go, but put on your black hat.


Thanks. I tried the demo, and every time I tried to record something it just showed it trying to connect to the site, trying different protocals, then failing. Here’s a website that I think is fairly typical:

(btw, if you want to see something that had to hurt, look at the clip of the soldier standing to close to his artillery gun when he fires it - ouch.)

Maybe I’m not using it correctly, but I give it a URL with the video on it and it just chokes.

If you can find the actual URL for the stream Net Transport can pull down Windows Media streams. It’s nag-ware, but the bare bones install does enough for my usage. However, my most recent install did something funky to how IE downloads, but since I mainly use Firefox, it’s not an issue.

As it turns out, the site with the Artilery guy is not one of those sites that attempts to block you from downloading its streams.

You can just right click the link below and click Save Target As.

Do you mean that you are giving it the URL that’s visible in your web browser’s address bar? That won’t work, you need the URL to the actual stream, which you will need to dig from the page’s html source.

Yep, shang is right. For example, I got the link above by playing the movie, right-clicking in the video window and selecting properties.

Ah - OK, didn’t do enough snooping. Time to do some playing around…