How to shop for color laser printer?

We’re looking for a color laser that can print 11x17 and auto duplex and found that googling and searching YouTube results in almost entire BS generated websites and YT channels that are only there to sell via affiliation links.

All of these sites/channels have obvious bogus names, such as PrinterEver, The 5 Best, Indane Deals, Your Exclusive Cart, … and the websites all seem to have articles of the BEST 5/10 PRINTERS 2022.

Any reliable resources for laser printer reviews, or even a suggestion for a full duplex color laser that can print 11x17?

I used to go with HP but I do favor Brother printers now. They have a number of models that do duplex color laser printing (and scanning) but generally these will not be small devices, so make sure you check the size before purchasing one.

edit: I somehow overlooked 11"x17" - yeah, I don’t think Brother makes those in duplex laser, sorry, and I certainly wouldn’t want to recommend HP (for a variety of reasons).

I think your only reasonable options are a used Phaser, a Versalink, or HP cp5225d. You’re in the $2k+ realm with your requirements but I agree there should be better review sites for business equipment. Calling Xerox or your CDW rep and poring through data sheets is very 2010.

I like to use for most of my reviews. I think they do a really good job of laying everything out and have a good comparison tool also. has actually turned into one of the better and reliable review sites. They even have some of the best camera reviews, surprisingly.

I ended up getting a OfficeJet Pro 7740 for home office use during COVID - it’s got everything you need except laser, and it’s not the typical home-printer trash. But I think they’ve discontinued it.

Good recommendations, those 2 sites were the only two that I found that weren’t shitsites™. It’s sad there are so many of these generated bogusblogs™ and YouTube CrapChannels™.

Yes, an 11x17 duplex color laser seems to be in the $1600+ range. Most I’ve seen are about 2x2x2’ cubes.

Yikes, after many searches I’ve come out empty. There are very few 11x17 printers <$2000 that are still be made. Lots that print 8.5 x 14 so we may have to go with that.

Printers jump from home to commercial pretty hard, <$600 to $3000+

@z22 What do you want to do with it?

General printing mostly. 11x17 mainly for crafts and boardgame aids, prototypes.