How to transfer apps from one iPad to another

My IT department at work gave me a new iPad Air (not Air 2.) Same memory as my current personal iPad 3, 64 gig. I am free to use the new iPad for personal as well as work purposes. They did purchase and install Office 365 and OneDrive on the new iPad, as well as set up my Exchange work email and calendar. Everything else I’m pretty much installing myself.

Question: I assume I can share apps already purchased on my iPad 3 with my new iPad Air? If so, what’s the best way to do that? I saw the new interest in KODP, I have that installed on my iPad 3, hoped that when I went to install it from Apps on the new iPad Air it would see it is the same Apple/iTunes account and would just download, but it shows up as $4.99. I don’t want to install everything I have installed on my iPad 3 (this is a good time to decide which of the 23,000 apps (exag. warning) I have installed I actually use,) just pick and choose.


As long as you are signed in with the same Apple ID, go to the App Store and the icon that is the second to the right should say Purchased. Tap that and there you will see all apps you own and can download them. The key is just to make sure that you are logged in in the App Store with the ID that bought those apps.

For some reason that is not working. I’m signed in with the same Apple ID, and when I hit the Purchased icon, it shows nothing. Nothing for Not on this iPad, nothing for All, nothing for iPad only, etc. Huh.

OK - turned off iPad, turned it back on, now that works. Thanks!

Well, glad it sorted itself out. Odd behavior.