How to trim video with an iphone?

I go to try and edit and none of these icons mean anything to me. I need to cut the first 12 minutes off a video. How does one do that?


Which app are you in? Photos? Or iMovie?

If it’s photos, hit the edit button and there should be a timeline near the bottom (above the other edit functions). You can grab the ends, which should turn yellow, and drag them to the desired new start and end times for the clip. Press done and it’ll ask you if you want to save it, or save it as a new clip (preserving the original).

Photos. I did click to bring it into iMovie but it’s been running the wait circle for 10 minutes now. The video is 14 minutes long, did I crash iMovie?


Force quit the apps. If that doesn’t work, restart your phone.

If you can’t figure it out – you don’t need to import the video to iMovie to trim it. You can do that in the Photos app, just by tapping Edit. Once you trim it, Photos will ask if you want to overwrite the clip or save a new one.

I don’t think you’re given that choice any longer, to save a new clip or overwrite. I was just confronted with this a couple of days ago.

Easiest way to save a new clip is first to Duplicate the video in Photos. Then trim the duplicate.

If you edit anything in Photos, you can “revert to original” as long as you used Photos to edit it originally (if you’re using a 3rd party app, you may not be able to, depends on the app, so save as a new file before editing). If you saved your edit as new a new file, you can’t revert, obviously.

Apple documents everything, if you do a Google search it‘s usually the top hit.

Arghhh so I clipped the first 10 minutes off in photos and once again stuck waiting 10 minutes whilst it “finishes” (save as a new clip). Note: the iMovie thing never did save the export.

Did you force close apps and/or reboot your phone?

I did force close it but I forgot to reboot my phone. Will do that now.

BTW is there a way either through photos, iMovie, or YouTube to zoom in on one section of my video clip? The frog is small in the full video so I really need to zoom in to show its movement.

And thanks all for the help!

What iPhone is this? How much free space? That could also be causing it to go slow.

iPhone 8 and I have a ton of space, like 1 Gig.

You should be fine on processor, but I wouldn’t be surprised if 1gb of free space for video editing isn’t enough. I would try to free up at least another 5-10gb if you can. It is trying to save each edit so you can revert it, so I imagine that eats up space, but I just guessing at this point. It shouldn’t be taking that long though, something is wrong.

Your iPad should be able to do this with ease, I take it you never got it fixed?

Edit: also on the zooming in, you can try the Clips app, it’s supposedly pretty good, and free.

Haha I meant 1 terabyte. Quite the typo. Cool I will look for a clips app on the Apple store?

Your iPhone 8 has 1TB of free storage?! Must be some sort of special edition.