"How to troll a dating website......"

How to troll a dating website…

Edit: Additional entries of a similar nature appear to have been posted here.

The third sketch is priceless

The first guys is actually pretty good. A lot of those caricatures are pretty funny.

Very funny. I like the one with batman in the background.

one of them has the troll face in it, priceless

Triple threat. Beautiful chick (well the eyes), beautiful troll, and she has a sense of humor.

And returns the favor!

That’s awesome, and that chick wins several internets.

Tiger blood courses through her veins.

Batman one is win.

Oh my god, fucking hilarious.

Hmm. Humour based on cruelty to trusting strangers. And just a little touch of racism to give it some spark. “It’s the internet, therefore it’s OK”. Oh, OK.

It reminds me of the PAtv episode where gabe trolls chat roulette, and by that I mean its hilarious.

surprised it took this far into the thread for someone to bring this up. pretty blatant.

Trust me, that’s far from the most racist one he did. Some of those are funny, but most are mean. It’s one thing to take someone down a peg or two, but he’s picking on a lot of girls whose self-esteem may not be great to begin with. His dickhead bodybuilding buddies in that thread were egging him on (and I love how one of them shopped the head of one of the heavy girls onto a cow’s body).

Humorless Lesbian

Oh God these are funny! The girl with the blond bushy hair is the best.

I thought most of these were pretty mean. One or two giggles, maybe, but mostly, eh, fuck these guys.

On the contrary, Jerri, you’re one of the most humorous lesbians I know.

Seriously, though, those guys are jerks.

I agree that these guys are dicks. I didn’t find any humor in this.

I like the jihadist / hulk one because of the hilarious riposte by the woman. :)