How's your eye for 80's Arcade Game Logos?

I managed to get 14 out of 26 before I gave up.

17 of 26. That R is killing me. I know what it is, but I just can’t get my brain to place it.

Gotcha between a rock and a hard place?

  1. I suck.

That N is really getting to me. There’s no way in hell that it doesn’t belong to something with “ninja” in the title.

But what?

Where’s the goddamned answers button?

17 of 26 here too…and I know I will say DUH when I hear the rest except maybe the H.

The E is really pissing me off.


20 out of 26 before I was tapped out. All the rest look familiar except that H. The S and the E are killing me.

Edit: The N is not a ninja game, although there is kicking in it. 21 correct now, still don’t have E, H, O, S or X.

Man, does anyone have E?

Me too. I really want that E to be part of Data East. Which is not a game.

Yeah, I’m stumped at 19, though they all look familiar. Or I’m crazy. Or both.

I can’t get E, H, I, M, N, S, or W.

Edit: Nevermind I, got that one.

16 of 26. I’m gonna need help with:

The rest I got on my own.

I swear the Q is from Q*Bert but it ain’t workin’. And the “D” loks like something from a Tron game. It’s tricky because the letters in some cases have been blacked out partially because of other letters overwrapping 'em.

21/26, but quite a few (~5) of those were lucky guesses. No clue about E, R, S, V, and Y.

  • Alan

I’m gonna say “duh” when I hear the H. That H looks damned familiar.

Nevermind, just got “B.” I knew what it was, I just didn’t spell it right (I had a space in there that I guess didn’t belong…had a similar issue with “L”.)

I got “R” right off the bat. :)

OK, just got “D.”

Holy s***, I got “W.” I cheated though… I did a Google image search for classic arcade machines, or I never would have guessed it.

Four to go here…


Uhh B is the easiest one on there (besides P) - it has a picture clue right in it!

N is from my favorite game ever (the arcade version at least).

This test is awesome, but there are too many that I didn’t get yet, I’m at 13 atm, but I haven’t given up. Must resist the urge to go in the other room and look.

The answer boxes don’t like punctuation. There are two other games i’ve hit so far that should have punctuation but it won’t take the answer with it. Just substitute a space.

I’m at a lowly 14. Missing c e f h i n o s t v w x. Not as smart as I thought I was.

Q bert is right, but the thing makes punctuation irrelivant. Spaces are the only thing you have to worry about.

S was remade for the Jaguar.


Get rid of the * and it works.

Ha. Three at once.

W is killing me. All I can think of is Wizard of Wor, which is definitely wrong.

Actually, F is hurting me more than W. Work, memory, work!

YESSSS!!! I got V!!!

Down to EHINY.