Hey all,

I am helping someone build a website which requires a person to fill out a form, then that form is emailed to the creator of the website. We are using iWeb on Mac to build the actual site, but I’ve embedded html code for the form. How do I tie the submit button to her email to send the contents of the form?

Erik J.

EDIT: Also, we created this form through Wufoo (I know nothing of HTML), which lets us build a form… however, all the entries are being sent back to the wufoo account, and we need to have it send to an email. Thanks again!

The submit button, or actually the ‘action’ attribute in the form, should point to an address that Wufoo provides for you. Then Wufoo takes care of the email. If Wufoo if giving you the complete HTML for the form it should be all set, the only thing you should have to do is log in to Wufoo and tell it to email you.

Find a similar tag and make it look like this:

<form action="MAILTO:[email protected]" method="post" enctype="text/plain">

Depending on what the form is for and what you want to do with the submissions this may or may not be a good solution. What something like this will do is open a new e-mail in whatever the OS’s default mail program, and then automatically fill out the To and Subject lines, then fill in the body of the message with your form data. E.g. if you have a field named “first_name” it’ll show up in the e-mail as:


Then the user has to manually send the e-mail. My sense is that you want something a little more automated, and it looks like WuFoo is set up to handle your forms for you (I’ve never heard of the service before now,) and would generate the e-mail itself, so you probably need to check with the instructions they gave you if that’s the case, as Quaro suggests.

I don’t really see a way to have wufoo forward to an email instead of its own service. It will setup to send the notification of responders to an email, but not the response itself. That’s how I’m interpreting it, anyway. I’ll see what I can find. Thanks again.

Erik J.