Huge riser for ultrawide monitor?

I have a Dell3423DW monitor, and its stand is very large – about 16" x 12", too large for any of the computer stands I see on Amazon and Ikea and other online stores. I’d like to raise it off my desk a bit, just 2 to 4 inches, to relieve neck strain. I don’t have a good setup for a wall arm. I’m starting to think I’ll have to DIY, or find someone to custom-build me one. I really have no carpentry skill, and I have no idea where to start finding a custom build, so I’m willing to pay a fair bit for something off the rack.

Does anyone have any suggestions? There are lots of nice stands on Amazon, but they’re all like 16" x 9". Thanks.

Personally I’d get something cheap like this if I wasn’t into ergotrons for dual monitor setups:|46e3cb98-2dd5-4dee-a82d-e604b45e18b6|dtp&geniuslink=true&th=1

But if you need aesthetic you could get something like this, but it’s price is higher than I’d personally pay if I was buying a simple riser.

If you don`t mind it looking a bit ghetto, you can put something together with 2x4s, plywood, glue and screws. Paint it to your liking and you could get by.

If you want something nice, you could look up custom furniture places near you. My desk is sort of customer made. I just picked out a design I liked and then had them change the details to my liking. I`m sure such a place could easily bang out a monitor stand to your specification.

You can get a vintage copy of Van Nostrands Scientific Encyclopedia at a used bookstore for almost nothing. Over 3000 pages, nostalgic and functional! I like the 6th edition. ;)

Thanks for those suggestions! All helpful. And yeah, I actually have thought of using coffee table books.

@zenblack I like the look of those items. They’re wide enough but not deep enough, but I could buy two and place them side-by-side, I suppose.

Hire this guy to hold it.

You can build something pretty easily using black steel pipe fittings.

Here is one example to give you an idea - but you just need to get a piece of wood the size you need and then go to your local home depot / lowes and get the pipe pieces

I may not be understanding the issue, and I see that you said you don’t have a good setup for a wall arm, but have you considered a desk mounted arm stand?

That’s what I use for my computer.

Thanks for your reply. My desk is sort of flimsy. It’s basically a plan of plywood on two pedestals. I’m in a finished attic, and it’s tough to get heavy furniture up here. In general, my configuration is a bit … unorthodox, lol. Still, it’s possible a desk arm would work. I’ll think on it.

Kensington SmartFit Extra Wide Monitor Stand (K52797WW)

Also Satechi has some

Thanks. Yeah, I’ve been looking at some Kensington stuff.

This is what I’ve got on my desk. It’s pretty easy to clamp on, and the stand itself isn’t very heavy. You would probably only need a single arm, but any like this might work for you.

HUANUO Dual Monitor Arm Stand, Gas Spring Monitor Mount Riser with C Clamp/Grommet Base, Full Motion Adjustable Desk PC Stand for Two 17 to 32 inch LCD Computer Screens, Each Arm Holds up to 17.6lbs

If you go with an adjustable arm thing like this, you will need to look at how much the arms hold, as it’ll impact the hydraulic strength of the arm. If they are too weak, it might not be able to generate equal tension to the weight of the monitor.

One nice thing about this kind of setup though is that it doesn’t take up any room in the surface of the desk itself.

That does look cool. Hmm. I’ll think on it. Thanks!

If you have money to burn:

Nice! But yeah, I’m going to opt for something cheaper. I think i have found something that will work. Will post again if it works out.