Hughes Satellite Net Experience?

I live in a pretty rural area and my internet access is through a 900MHz wireless system. It’s pretty awful with lots of outages and poor customer service. If you are down at 5pm on Friday you won’t be coming back up until after the coffee is made at 9am on Monday. So I am thinking about switching to Hughes Satellite Network. Anybody have any experience with them. I know there is some bandwidth clamping at about 450Mbytes a day. At this point though having reliable service is a priority.

Sucks sucks sucks.

You cannot game on it. They will tell you that too. The upload and latency are way too crappy. In fact, your upload speeds may well be worse than standard phone lines. Any time it’s cloudy, we were unable to get a signal. Sometimes if the trees had too many leaves…unable. That was in TN. It might matter.

If, however, you ONLY have one PC (don’t even bother networking it…there is no support, and you have to use shared internet), and you are only concerned about faster DL speeds, it might be worth it. Also keep in mind that I used it probably 3 years ago, so some things might have changed.

Thanks for the info. They claim the upload is 200kbps which is 25 Kbytes a second. I’m guessing atmospherics can really cut into that. They do warn you not to expect to be able to play “twitch” games on it. I’m probably going to at least give it a 30 day shot. A year ago they came to my house but couldn’t get a clear line of sight to a bird in the southern sky. When I called this time they said they had launched more satellites so they could probably do it. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Just to add a little more info for you. I tried WoW on it and the lowest ping I ever got was about 800ms.