Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

WOW! I’m very pleased with these choices and can’t wait to play Eliza.

Made by Zachtronics! I had no interest in it until I found out who made it.

I’ve wanted to try Frostpunk, Kingmaker and Eliza, so this is a great month for me. I picked up The Hex in the winter sale and now wish I had waited.

I do have Frostpunk on my wishlist, and apparently it comes with the first expansion (not the one that just came out, unsurprisingly). I already own Book of Demons and Shenzhen I/O. I might play Eliza, just because of the Zachtronics pedigree. I might checkout Okami, Hex, and Night Call. So, probably worth it.

What is Under Hero? Is it an Undertale rip-off?

Good bundle this month! Been eyeing Pathfinder Kingmaker for months now.

I just canceled my subscription.

Shenzhen I/O is great. I played 100+ hours of it.

Frostpunk is the one I might buy. It’s been discounted to $10 already.

I finished Okami about 13 years ago. It’s a beautiful Zelda-like that’s fun for a while, but you’re really playing as the god of endless trash collecting and fetch quests.

Project Warlock is on my wishlist, but I don’t need it. There’s a demo on Steam.

Book of Demons’ demo left me cold, and I don’t care about the rest.

CryoFall is in early access.

when are the games available?

They’re available now. Go to your subscription page, click on ‘unlock my choices,’ and pay the fee.

found it, kind of hidden… great month with Pathfinder!

If you like it, back the new Kickstarter.

Sorry if I missed this before, but if I use less than my 10 classic choices (e.g., if I use 8) do the other two roll to next month?

No, you still have your selections to make from that original month’s set. For instance, right now I have 3 left to make from last month. If I go to the keys list, I can still make those choices while at the same time I can make my picks from this new set. I haven’t read anything about them timing out, but they don’t carry forward into a different month’s choices.

Ah. Thanks.

Oh man, I wish that’s how it worked, but (as Dan says above me) it’s not. The choices do seem to hang around indefinitely, though. I’ve still got one choice from the first month they offered this.

It’s worth noting that the next game from the Off Peak/Norwood Suite guy is a DRM free download as part of this month’s Choice. Doesn’t appear to take a pick so it’s probably available to any subscriber.

Nothing is really ringing my bell from this just-revealed bundle. I mean, I can see that there are at least two or three great games there minimum, Frostpunk chief among them, but I just don’t have the will to make time for them vs. stuff I already have, so I’ll probably be pausing.

Project Warlock looks kind of neat, though.

BTW, any new games added to the Trove? Haven’t noticed.

The two most recent additions are The Flame in the Flood and Unparallel

Humble Choice for February is up. Headline game is probably Pathfinder: Kingmaker, which I already own. Also Frostpunk, Cryofall, Here be Demons, and a bunch of others. Note 12 total games this month so you can’t get them all.

I’m staying paused this month.

It was up a week ago, scroll up for discussion. You confused me mightily with your post.

Ahh, missed it then!

Card Quest was added. It’s got great reviews.

"Card Quest is a dungeon crawling adventure game with unique card combat. Play with a variety of unique character classes, and customize decks to fit your playstyle. Explore the strategic depth of tactical roguelike gameplay, and crush the undead plague. "